Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

Here’s a good theory…

Isn’t everything in DB based on Ki?! Their strength, speed, stamina, durability, and intelligence.

Then maybe Gohan needs his glasses when his Ki is too low, not enough to improve his eyesight.

And when he’s fighting and has his Ki higher, his eyesight improves, and he no longer needs them.

Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

Well, he doesn’t. He could be farsighted; in other words, he has trouble seeing things (like words on paper or a board. ) up close.

Maybe his eyesight was bad this whole time, and only just now did he ever think to do anything about it. I waited until I got to college to wear my glasses whenever needed because I wanted to take my education more seriously. Gohan could have been the same way. It was never stated anywhere that he had a “20/20” vision.

If Gohan was focused on his training, would he be stronger than Super Saiyan Blue?

Gohan is, without a doubt, the strongest Saiyan. His potential is off-limits. He isn’t as strong as Broly, but stronger than Goku and Vegeta. He at least has the most potential of the three. I am not saying this. This is coming from Vegeta’s mouth.

He would be stronger than Goku or Vegeta if he focused on his training. However, since Goku is the main character, he gets everything. Even Vegeta never had a chance to win against him. Not even once, even though they say they are equal.

Is Gohan stronger than Goku was at his age?

DEFINITELY. At twelve years old, Goku had a power level of approximately sixteen. Meanwhile, during the Saiyan saga, according to Vegeta, Gohan, only five years old at this time, had a power level of 1,000, which rises to 2300 when he is enraged at Piccolo’s death. During the Cell Saga, Gohan was already a Super Saiyan 2 with a power level of over 1 Billion.

Why do some people downplay Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo as only slightly above the Blue level when the whole point of the Movie was to make Gohan and Piccolo relevant again?

It feels completely unbelievable and has terrible writing.

While way more believable than Piccolo, Gohan doesn’t make much sense either; Gohan was barely SSB level, and even that seems unbelievable, considering he achieved that power in just one day.

Gohan was also very rusty in the Movie,

  • couldn’t even sense Piccolo’s Ki when even Pan could
  • was finding Piccolo’s weight clothes very happy
  • could barely get to his Ultimate/Mystic Form and needed outside motivation to do that, apparently

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So to have Gohan surpass Goku and Vegeta, who have learned to use godly techniques just by getting a new form, doesn’t feel believable.

Piccolo doesn’t make sense; throughout Z, Piccolo was quickly left behind by the Saiyans; he needed to fuse with two other Namekians to surpass them in their regular SSJ Form barely and was quickly left behind after Piccolo was also never known for having some crazy potential so that’s also unbelievable.

Why does Gohan wear glasses?

So, for Piccolo to reach Goku and Vegeta’s power level just by a potential unleashed and no God Ki feels too unbelievable.

The power came from a wish, and to make it even worse, Piccolo didn’t even ask for the Orange Form; Shenron just handed it out to him just because people don’t like it and are biased against it.

The entire point of unleashing your potential is to have all of your power out, having nothing else remaining, so going beyond that feels silly.

Where is the power coming from if not from within them?

The unique thing about Ultimate/Mystic is that it’s not a form like SSJ, so having a form beyond that takes away the appeal of it.

So people don’t believe it because

  • The gap between Goku/Vegeta and these guys was too wide just for a potential unleashed form to cover it
  • the execution sucks
  • the forms suck and don’t make sense

So people are just biased against it, and the Movie failed to make it convincing that Gohan and Piccolo are actually on Goku and Vegeta’s level.

Super’s scaling is like that, with people reaching God’s level too easily without explanation.

I am not saying they aren’t at that level, but why people don’t believe it?

Why does Gohan wear glasses?

It is the writer’s design and a way to tell us that Gohan is now a full-on nerd.

Like, one year of slacking off results in this? Meanwhile, there’s also Gohan after NOT training for seven years:

Jeez, if there’s one version where Gohan looks cool with glasses on, it’d be Xeno Gohan.

How does Gohan become so strong after training for a few days with Piccolo, whereas Goku and Vegeta keep training, but their power does not increase significantly?

There are two ways through which this can be answered.

Scenario 1:

After the Elder Kai unlocked his potential, Gohan was the strongest Z fighter by the end of the Buu saga. He would have easily destroyed Buu if not for his lack of experience and cockiness. But what happened to him after that?

Since he is a half-Saiyan, Gohan does not have the innate love to fight like a full-blooded Saiyan. So he didn’t care to train during the peaceful times, just like he didn’t train after the Cell saga. Hence, he became a lot weaker than he was during the Buu Saga.

He became a plaything for Frieza during the resurrection of F, where he couldn’t even maintain his Super Saiyan form for a long time, let alone go ultimate/mystic.

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Later, as more and more threats started coming towards Earth’s way from the likes of the Zamasu-Goku black duo, his love for his family (Videl and Pan) made him realize that he should train to protect them. So he started training with Piccolo after the F saga and gradually regained his strength and Stamina.

To answer your question, He did not regain his ultimate form just by training for a few days. He trained for about a year with Piccolo. But it wasn’t shown to us explicitly.

He was considerably strong during the tournament between universes 6 and 7. He was willing to fight in the tournament but had to turn it down due to a date conflict with his conference. 

Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

He managed to get back Super Saiyan 2 during his fight with Barry, whom Watagash infected. After another training session with Piccolo after the exhibition match against Universe 9, he finally returned to his ultimate form.

Scenario 2:

He became so strong.

Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

-The same way Krillin could stand his ground for some time against an SSB Goku’s Kamehameha when he was punched away for miles by base Goku at the beginning of the series.

-The same way Android 17 became as strong as SSB Goku

-The same way Roshi was even able to put up a fight against Goku.

Its called *Plot armor*

And speaking of Goku and Vegeta’s power, They went from this

To this:

If that is not an increase… I don’t know what it is!

Who would win, SS2 Teen Gohan vs SS2 Adult Gohan?

Kid Gohan would decisively beat Teen Gohan in a fight. I say Kid Gohan because, contrary to popular belief, Gohan was a 9-year-old boy in the manga, not an 11-year-old, as the dub stated. Regardless, on four separate occasions, Vegeta stated that Teen Gohan (Age 16) was weaker than his Cell Games self (Age 9)

During his fight with Dabura, someone as strong as Cell (Probably as strong as Cell when he suppressed himself to fight Goku because he’s struggling with SSJ 1 Gohan), Gohan is struggling. If this was 9-year-old Gohan, he could’ve won this fight as an MSSJ with mid-difficulty at worst and low difficulty at best.

Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

Who is Gohan?

Son Gohan (Grandpa Gohan)

This is Goku’s “grandfather”. He was Master Roshi’s student and, like him, a bit of a pervert. He was able to use the Kamehameha and Zanzouken (Afterimage Technique) and died during one of Kid Goku’s ape rampages.

Son Gohan

This is Goku’s eldest son, named after Grandpa Gohan. He’s a Saiyan-Human hybrid that plays a key role throughout Dragon Ball Z and is the first of those carrying Saiyan blood to achieve Super Saiyan 2 and lift the Z Sword.

Does Frieza have more combat potential than Gohan? Will there be a point when he surpasses Vegeta once and for all?

No, and also no. Gohan was set up to be the strongest character in DBZ. However, the overwhelming demand for constant Goku fanservice has ensured that Gohan will never be more than he was at the end of the Cell saga. 

It would have made much more sense, especially regarding the Buu saga, if Frieza and Gohan had killed Goku, who was the first to transform and kill Frieza. 

It would completely change the following sagas, but it would make much more sense for why Goten and Trunks can transform as children. 

They are hybrids and, as such, much less stern and aggressive than full-blooded Saiyans but are much more emotionally conscious, directly impacting SSJ transformations. So, the plot has hamstrung Gohan’s potential more than himself.

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Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

Frieza was the weakest main villain of the entire series. Not near the potential that Cell or Buu had to expand their skill sets, techniques, and power levels. And of all three, he has no explanation for why he suddenly realized that if he “trained, ” he could get stronger. 

Why wouldn’t he have trained before to the point where he hit a wall, as assumed he did before when developing his different transformation? This whole line of logic is garbage and lazy. 

“Well, he had no reason to before” is dumb because why wouldn’t he want to see if he could become stronger? Why would he care for immortality when he regarded himself as the strongest being in the universe? Makes no sense.

When did present Gohan surpass Future Gohan?

Upon finishing his training in the Hyperbolic Chamber or becoming a Super Saiyan 2.

You can argue for either case, though one is far more certain than the other. I’ll analyze both cases in detail and compare them to Future Gohan’s known strength, whether we talk about his manga version or TV Special version.

  • Hyperbolic Chamber

In the Hyperbolic Chamber, Gohan trained extensively with Goku for a year.

Due to Future Goku dying from the virus, Future Gohan never got such an opportunity, something Goku lampshades.

So, with that in mind, Goku sufficiently accelerated Gohan’s growth for the latter to surpass his future self by the time they came out of the chamber.

That said, Future Gohan trained a lot since Future Goku’s death as he was the only surviving Z-Fighter. 

Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

Furthermore, given the beatdowns he got from the Future Androids, he got plenty of Zenkai boosts.

By his death in the manga, he had been previously defeated by an Android 17 who used 50% of his power. That same Android 17 in their final fight was seemingly able to take him on alone, without 18 getting involved.

Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

By the time of his death in the anime special, however, he could handle 17, and it took 18’s intervention for the match to turn in the Androids’ favor, with the implications they went all out against Gohan.

With that in mind, the manga Future Gohan was already surpassed when Present Gohan finished his training in the Hyperbolic Chamber. Still, regarding the anime Future Gohan, it takes more work to tell, which brings us to the next possibility.

  • Super Saiyan 2

Non-negotiable. If you need clarification regarding the Hyperbolic Chamber, Super Saiyan 2 is the moment where Present Gohan surpassed Future Gohan.

Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

Given that he was shitstomping Perfect Cell… who scaled above Imperfect Cell and above Present Androids 17 & 18…

Who scaled above their Future selves…

Who scaled massively above the manga Future Gohan?

And still reasonably scaled above his TV special self.

At this point, Present Gohan would easily fodderize his bad future self.

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How does Saiyans liking strong women explain everything, according to Piccolo?

Because, as strong men, we like strong women. If I could move a planet, I probably wouldn’t be too concerned about a woman who can’t move herself. Goku and Vegeta are damn near the epitome of power in their universe, and naturally, their better halves would need to be powerful in their own right.

While Bulma doesn’t have the sheer power or force that Vegeta does, she is no slouch. She is an intellectual woman, a strong-willed woman, and a woman who can run the world if she needs to. Strong.

Chi-chi is much the same way for Goku. While Bulma has more financial resources, Chi-Chi is strong in the physical sense. Her martial arts acumen drew Goku to her (not her face or size). She has anger issues sometimes, but at the core of that anger is power, not emotion.

Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

Gohan is the same way. As a more meek individual but still very powerful, his significant other would have to be strong as well (not only by being the daughter of Mr. Satan but showing the capacity to learn how to fly and shoot ki blasts).

I, myself, love women with an edge. I want a woman who can put me in my place when I need to be put there. I want a woman who can shut me up when I’m nagging. I want a woman who can lay down the laws of the land should I need counseling. A strong man with a weak woman is a weak man, as a strong woman is made weaker by having a weak man.

I don’t care if my woman yells at me or throws a fit. Just as long as she has conviction in what she is doing. Conviction is strength. And strength is sexy no matter who you are.

Why do some DB fans ship Bulla and Goten? Is it reasonable?

No, it’s not reasonable and should not even be thought of.

I could list reasons why it’s so obvious. First, Bulla is just a baby right now. And Goten is stated to be 13, which would be a messed up thing to do.

Heck, if I even use GT, it would still be pretty shite; YOU WANNA KNOW WHY???


And Bulla is rated 10 in GT (correct me if I’m wrong).

There’s also the fact that Dragon ball was never meant to be shipped; it’s an anime about the story, the action, and character development.

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Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

It’s NOT about ships.

Also, the fact that.


Although he is from a fictional universe, it still is baffling that people would ship little kids, especially kids that are OLDER than babies.

I also need to remind people one more time: BULLA IS UNDERAGE.

The DB fans that ship this must NOT know their age and have likely never watched Dragon ball.

Why does Gohan wear glasses when he can see perfectly fine without them?

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