What is your review of Doublelist?

What is your review of Doublelist?

Doublelist started decently well. It was well-designed with many good ideas and different categories to fit each person’s tastes. Doublelist is intended to be a hookup site and was one of several that took Craigslist’s place when its personals section folded.

Doublelist is trying to keep out any illegal activity, which is admirable. Unfortunately, this has caused them to be so cautious that they must be careful with everything they say. No dirty words or even semi-dirty words.

It causes you to be very creative in describing what you are looking for. You have to detail a weird, cryptic message. This makes no damn sense at all on a frigging hookup site.

And then, there is the new web page design that came about in June 2020. It is visually unappealing and worse. I have not been able to post one ad without getting flagged, no matter how innocent and un=provoking.

I suspect that they are now doing what Craigslist always did. When your ad goes up, and the jealous horde of other users see it, they all flag it to eliminate their competition. Pretty smart of them, I guess, but pretty damn nasty and juvenile as well.

You can’t run a hookup site and be ‘G’ rated. Nor can you leave it up to users to flag undesirable posts. They will eliminate you from the pool for competing with you. They have now ruined Doublelist, and I deleted my account. They suck.

What is Doublelist?

Doublelist is one the largest online classifieds websites, which provides an alternative to the traditional Craigslist, where people can post personal ads looking for relationship options.

Doublelist caters to various interests and hobbies, from dating, friendship, casual encounters, etc. It is a free service to use, and there is no signup fee. However, it charged for premium accounts to offer users a more personalized experience. There are over one million posts in the database, and users can search over 20 categories.

It also has sections for discussion forums where people can share experiences or ask questions on different topics related to their location. 

What is your review of Doublelist?

Additionally, it offers ‘boost’ features that help enhance the visibility of listings with add-on packages sold at varying prices depending on how much exposure someone wants for their ad.

Users can post ads in various formats, including text, images, video, and other files. Ads can also be tagged to specific locations, enabling users to search for people in their area with similar interests. The platform also offers a messaging system, allowing users to connect and chat in real time.

Doublelist also has a reporting system for inappropriate posts and a moderation team that reviews posts to ensure content is appropriate for the platform. Aside from these functions, users can customize their profiles with profile photos, keywords, and interests. They can also link their other accounts to their Doublelist account.

What is your review of Doublelist? [Honest Review 2024]

In our advanced age, stages like Doublelist have arisen as elective roads for people looking for associations, kinships, and heartfelt connections. As an internet-based classifieds site, Doublelist allows clients to interface with similar people for different purposes. 

This article digs into the advantages of utilizing Doublelist, reviews the stage’s usefulness and client encounters, and closes by considering the role such stages play in forming social collaborations.

Expanding Groups of friends

One of the huge advantages of using Doublelist is the chance to expand one’s group of friends. Whether looking for fellowships, relaxed experiences, or close connections, the stage associates people with shared interests and inclinations.

This more extensive reach permits clients to interface with individuals they won’t have encountered in that frame of mind in their day-to-day lives, cultivating a different and improving informal community.

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Easy-To-Understand Connection point

Reviews of Doublelist frequently acclaim its easy-to-understand interface, making it simple for clients to explore and associate with the stage. 

The straightforward plan and instinctive format contribute to a consistent client experience. Clients can make postings, peruse posts, and participate in discussions without experiencing complex highlights that impede openness.

What is your review of Doublelist?

Different Scope of Associations

Clients of Doublelist frequently feature the assorted scope of associations accessible on the stage. Whether clients seek close connections, dispassionate fellowships, or easygoing experiences, Doublelist takes care of different inclinations. 

This variety mirrors the developing idea of present-day connections and the requirement for stages that oblige various associations.

Obscurity and Security

Obscurity and security are remarkable advantages of using DoubleList. Clients can participate in discussions and associations without uncovering individual data until they are open.

This layer of protection permits people to participate in significant discussions and collaborations at their own pace, advancing a conviction that all is well and providing solace.

People group Commitment and Associations

Reviews frequently feature the feeling of local area commitment and communication encouraged by Doublelist. 

Clients can participate in discussions, share encounters, and seek guidance from similar people. This feeling of having a place and sharing encounters creates a space where clients can track down understanding and backing.

What is your review of Doublelist?

Comfort and Adaptability

Doublelist offers the advantages of comfort and adaptability when associating with others. Clients can peruse and draw from the solace of their own homes, taking out topographical boundaries and time imperatives.

This comfort request is for people with occupied schedules or those hoping to investigate associations beyond their nearby environmental factors.

Doublelist, as a stage for interfacing people, mirrors the unique idea of present-day connections and collaborations. 

The advantages of Doublelist include widening groups of friends, an easy-to-understand interface, a different scope of associations, secrecy, security, local area commitment, and comfort.

What is your review of Doublelist?

Reviews from clients confirm the stage’s capacity to work with associations and discussions that line up with clients’ inclinations and solace levels. 

As we close, stages like Doublelist allow people to explore associations in a computerized scene, molding how we fashion connections and communicate in the contemporary world. 

The stage’s capacity to take special care of different necessities and inclinations highlights its job in working with associations and discussions, which probably wouldn’t have been imaginable.

Doublelist Honest Review

Doublelist is a classified ads platform that aims to provide a space for individuals to connect with others for various types of relationships, including dating, casual encounters, and friendships. 

Users can post ads, browse listings, and interact with others who share similar interests. Here’s a review of Doublelist based on common aspects:

What is your review of Doublelist?

Secret Review On DoubleList Login 

User-Friendly Interface: Doublelist features a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. The platform is designed to help users quickly create and browse ads.

Varied Listings: The platform caters to a wide range of interests, allowing users to post ads for different types of relationships, whether seeking romantic connections, casual encounters, or platonic friendships.

Free to Use: Doublelist is generally free, allowing users to create listings and interact with others without subscription fees.

Privacy Options: The platform offers certain privacy features, allowing users to control the visibility of their personal information and ads.

Limited Verification: Unlike some dating platforms, Doublelist has limited verification methods. This could lead to issues with fake profiles or misrepresented information.

Safety Concerns: Since the platform doesn’t have comprehensive verification and moderation, safety concerns can arise, particularly when meeting people in person. Users need to exercise caution and follow safety guidelines.

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What is your review of Doublelist?

Spam and Scammers: Like many online platforms, Doublelist can attract spam and scammers who try to exploit users. Be cautious when engaging with others and avoid sharing personal or financial information.

Limited Features: Doublelist focuses primarily on ad listings and basic interactions, which might offer different features found on dedicated dating or social platforms.

Community Vibe: The community and culture on Doublelist might only suit some people’s preferences. Some users might find it casual or hookup-oriented, while others may seek more serious connections.


Doublelist provides a platform for people to connect with others for various types of relationships and interactions. While it offers a relatively simple and accessible way to post and browse ads, users should be mindful of safety concerns, potential spam, and the nature of the community. 

It’s important to exercise caution and follow best practices when using the platform, just as you would with any online interactions. As with any online platform, the experience can vary based on individual preferences and expectations.

Is DoubleList safer than Craigslist personals?

Craigslist had a bad reputation, perhaps undeservedly, and had also been implicated in some human trafficking cases in their sections.

I wonder if DoubleList Personals has any additional identity checks above and beyond what Craigslist offers. However, this would curb many but the most determined bad actors, as I suspect the real bad guys would be able to fake this.

One of the best things you can do to protect yourself when meeting someone via Doublist personals for the first time is to make sure that you meet them in a well-lit, public place and get to know them a little before going anywhere private.

What are some sites like Craigslist Personals?

Here are my alternatives to Craigslist Personal;

  • AdultFriendFinder
  • Ashley Madison
  • Seeking
  • Personals
  • Doublelist
  • Oodle
  • Bedpage
  • Locanto

What is your review of Doublelist?

What’s better than Craigslist personal ads nowadays?

I prefer WickedList. It’s a great alternative to Craigslist personals and has some additional cool features. So, one can choose the gender, location, and type of relationship they seek. Their community is big and diverse, and I’ve already ensured its reliability.

Are there any good ‘W4M personals’ sites now that Craigslist is gone?

Hello there, everyone,

Are there any good ‘W4M personals’ sites now that Craigslist is gone?

Now, You can use these trusted online hookup sex dating sites/apps:

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Most sites have removed the personal section due to the FOSTA/SOSTA bill introduced by the Trump Administration in the United States. Sites headquartered in the United States or a United States-based site would need to show you the personal section.

But there are a lot of really good hookup dating websites – try one of my favorite sites (above).

Is Doublelist part of Craiglist?

No. It’s similar to Craigslist because it was created in response to Craigslist’s section being taken down, but they aren’t affiliated.

Do you still use Craigslist?

I used Craigslist Casual Encounters for about a year until it was removed. Good experiences. I had never searched or used it for anything else.

Last year, I was desperate, needing a ride to work with no resources. I posted an ad in a ride-share section in the community area. It was in the middle of the night.

What is your review of Doublelist?

What is your review of Doublelist?

I got several viable offers. Some guys were scanning to barter for sex. Ultimately, I had a Lyft ride paid for by someone who hadn’t claimed his reward yet. My ride home was from a Lyft driver who had answered and welcomed a hand job for the trouble.

I never thought I’d be that desperate, but I did find the help I needed from strangers on Craigslist. I am not ashamed, but I know it wasn’t the smartest or safest approach.

What is the best alternative to Craigslist “m4m”?

I came to the hookup scene when I was 69, after digressions into hetero- and asexuality. (I had been a slutty gay guy in my 30s, but my outlet then was the bars or baths.) It was great to place an ad, with a couple of enticing pix, and wait for Emails from local swains, whom I would arrange to meet either at Dunkin’ Donuts or my place. 

Grindr and Growlr fill in the void left by CL, though being able to place an ad at the top of the CL feed and get immediate attention, vs. waiting for someone to dig you up from the mound of locals and message you was a rush. I’d give up all the other hookup media to get back CL.

What is a safer alternative to Craigslist?

There isn’t a safer alternative.

The only safer alternative is selling to only people you know and trust or selling online. Craigslist or Marketplace on FB is what there is for furniture or cars or other large items you have to sell, and no one in your inner circle has any interest in. Those are your best options.

You can be safe by trading the item in a parking lot of the police station or something like that. If you’re not selling on those platforms, you probably need to be safe doing other things. Stay alert and go a little further. Make good decisions. For instance, don’t go to the hood with cash to look at a car. For that matter, please don’t do it in a good neighborhood, either.

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What is your review of Microsoft Windows 10?

I have kept Windows 10 in a virtual machine for two months, legally obtained as a technical preview.

Here is what I like about it:

  • It’s friendly!
  • It’s the first OS that tells me to relax.
  • Wonderful desktop wallpaper graphics and colors. This was my welcoming screen. And universal search bar(PC resources + internet)!
  • Lateral contextual side panels. This is handy!
  • You can opt out and have privacy :’) (Just like Ubuntu, but on Ubuntu, it is easier.)

And, well, the remaining parts are stable like Windows 7 but with the same look and feel as Windows 8.1.

What is your review of Doublelist?

Things I didn’t like (short list of 10):

  • Ten pages of the contract with all privacy opted out by default.
  • You can trust Microsoft. Let Microsoft help you.
  • All is square. Real men like curves.
  • It’s still a closed source. I don’t need to remind you why the OS must be open-source.
  • Edge? is another browser to care about when doing web development. (Phew, it uses WebKit.)(but not completely compliant, grr).
  • You can only use your PC if you register to Microsoft(maybe this was brought back, I hope)(now there is a local account).
  • Cortana is a ball. I have nothing against the balls, but the ads showed a sexy digital woman, not a bicolor ball. Not deal-breaking, but…(still an annoying ball like Clippy)
  • Big use of background data. Let’s use these quad-core beasts! Why? You must fetch the latest soccer news, bank indexes, and politics.
  • Opening your PC and learning about the latest international crisis is refreshing. (Now you can set a limit on data usage.)(News can be opted out.)
  • Still no sudo apt-get update. New programs, rebranded as Universal Windows Platform Apps, are updated like in Android. Ok, Chocolatey – The package manager for Windows exists, but it should be more popular. (Ubuntu shell is a welcome additional feature, but it is crippled compared to the full Ubuntu shell)
  • Still needs plug-and-play drivers. Linux- you plug in a mouse, and it works, even if the computer has never seen it before. Windows- pause. Hey, I found a device. Here’s a driver; I will install it for you <3. Here you go! ( No progress after a year)

Seriously, I need help understanding why software and features that are free and mainstream on Linux are still missing on Windows or only in premium licenses.

For example, remote desktop, disk encryption, FTP file manager, all languages worldwide, and enterprise network management. ( Now there are more utilities included by default)

At least this version acknowledges that it is not perfect and

Just kidding, that didn’t happen in two months of everyday use. Okay, I asked it to instantiate a JVM with 8Gb stack with only 2Gb free, but a normal user should be fine.

HAL_INITIALIZATION, for curiosity’s sake, HAL_INITIALIZATION stands for Hardware Abstraction Layer! That will happen when somehow a driver crashes on wake up.

What is your review of Doublelist?


Use it only if you need it. Or threatened if you don’t.

I now use a Windows 10 computer at work, and most of the review remains valid.

My advice is to opt out of all the options like news, ads, and reports. Gaming ads at work are the most cringe. Why in Windows 10 Pro would you want to install Candy Crush?

It will likely ship with a trial antivirus. That is utter garbage, and it will try the worst to scare you into paying for “protection.” Reactivate Windows Defender and updates; they are the only effective security. 

What is your review of Doublelist?

Or use Avast if you don’t know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS and think peypal.com and paypal.com are the same website.

Deactivate and uninstall all the preinstalled “game hubs.”

Customize the start menu and boot time services.

Install Chrome or Firefox. LibreOffice, else the Windows office stubs get annoying. And then it is a good OS to use.

What is your review of Doublelist?

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