What are some ideas for some diaper punishments? [2024]

What are some ideas for some diaper punishments? [2024]

I got you. I have three levels.

Level 1:

  • Pull-ups 24/7.
  • Toilet allowed for pooping.
  • At home, stay in nothing but a pull-up

Level 2:

  • Diapers 24/7.
  • Pooping in a toilet is allowed when in public.
  • When at home, stay only in a diaper.

Level 3:

  • Diaper 24/7
  • NO toilet at all
  • No changing diaper unless it is about to leak or has been messed.

Extra rules (Add if you want)

  • Laxatives before going outside of the house
  • Double Diapering with a change only after both are about to leak or two messings made.
  • Have to go to a friend’s house for 6+ hours at least once in the punishment.

I recommend a three-day punishment. A (Good quality) diaper package should last that long, even at level three. Enjoy!

What are some diaper punishments?

  1. Denied a diaper change, or the new diaper is put on top of the used one instead of the used one being removed first; forced extended wear in general.
  2. Forced to use only the diaper; no going to the toilet to pee even if you think you can make it.
  3. Forced exposure of diapers; no pants allowed, maybe; anything public; anything that makes the diaper obvious to others
  4. Over-the-knee spankings while still in the diaper, for the embarrassment value
  5. Made to wear age-inappropriate or gender-inappropriate diapers; an athletic boy might be made to wear girl Goodnites, for instance.
  6. Made to wear diapers instead of underwear when underwear would normally be worn, like in the daytime in addition to the nighttime for those who normally only wear at night
  7. Made to wear adult baby diapers instead of medical diapers, or noisy and bulky diapers instead of quiet and discreet ones

What are some ideas for some diaper punishments?

What are some tips to diaper punish myself?

Set a certain time to wear diapers (s), and decide the rules before you start. Stick to them. Here are some ideas you can use. Add/subtract/adjust to fit you.

Mild. Diaper for one day, only wetting, change when needed or at predetermined times. Maybe a small butt plug too. (Can be removed to go #2 on the toilet.)

Moderate. Diaper for three days, only allowed to use the toilet for #2 if around others, grope diaper as if someone else is checking you before changing. One of the days, you must receive an enema and do X number of chores before being allowed to change.

Severe. 1 week or more in diapers. No toilet under any circumstance. Only changed if the diaper is near leaking. Must cum in the diaper before each change. No orgasms except to earn each change. 

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No clothes to cover diaper at home, and clothes that make the diaper hard to hide in public. (Shirt that barely meets the waist of pants, pants sag enough to show waistband of diaper and snug enough to show slight diaper bulge for guys. For girls, tight pants to show bulge or a short dress/skirt that lets diaper peek under the hem if not very careful.) Don’t alter normal routines.

Added challenges. Always go as soon as you feel the need. Take 2 TBSP of sorbitol 45 minutes before going grocery shopping. Wear a large toy in your butt while sleeping. 

What are some ideas for some diaper punishments?

Before each change:

  • Put on a pair of your old underwear over the diaper.
  • Look how silly/filthy you look in the mirror and remind yourself you need diapers and don’t deserve underwear.
  • Use scissors to cut the hips off the underwear so they fall off like a diaper.
  • Discard them.

Remember, if tempted to break a rule you decided on, DON’T! You gave yourself this punishment because you deserved it. You need it. You don’t get to back out just because you got more embarrassed or uncomfortable than you realized. 

Write humiliating phrases/names on each diaper; when picking what diaper to change, read them all and tell yourself you WANT to wear this one, or this one best describes you/is what you are/deserve right now.

(“Diaper slut, dumb baby, diaper slave, un potty trained/unhousebroken, I heart filthy diapers… hmmm, I wanna wear my ‘unhousebroken’ one so if anyone sees, they’ll know I’m a filthy little pet too.” Or “I should wear my ‘dumb baby’ diaper because that’s what I am. I deserve to be kept this way.)

I’m 22. How do I give myself diaper punishment?

Make a diaper so bulky and thick that it makes you waddle. Then pour down the back some cold cooked macaroni and the front too. I’m not done yet; you shouldn’t take the diaper off for six full hours, no matter what.

Even if you need to bake a cake in them, do not pull it down to poop; the last thing is that if it leaks out, you add another layer to the diaper.

What are some ideas for some diaper punishments? [2024]

You should wear cloth layers and plastic pants over them in a few layers also and hope for the best.

It’s punishment time for the baby !!! OH! I forgot to say that when inside, it can’t be covered by clothing or blankets or anything.

What are some ideas for some diaper punishments?

What rules can I have for my diaper punishment?

The toilet is off-limits, there is no covering up your diaper, and the diaper must be in plain view at all times when outside. You’ll wear just a diaper and a T-shirt when swimming, you’ll wear a swim diaper instead of a swimsuit, and you will have your diaper changed in front of your friends.

If you are a girl you’ll wear just a diaper and a t-shirt around the house, and when playing outside, you’ll wear short dresses and skirts, when swimming you’ll wear a swim diaper and a bikini top, you’ll have your diaper changed in front of your friends.

How do you get out of diaper punishment?

I was diaper punished growing up, and my diaper discipline lasted for a long time; I was about 17 years old when my parents stopped my diaper discipline, and I had already grown so used to diapers that I became a diaper lover and even now, at college age, I still wear diapers to school and rely on them for comfort.

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What is the most extreme punishment someone has given a child you know?

The most extreme? Well, I heard of this one girl.

She was playing in the garage when she accidentally turned on the hose. Some water dribbled out, making a 1–2 foot puddle. The girl quickly turned off the hose and went to get a towel to clean it up. No harm done, right?

Well, no.

Her dad got out a wooden plunger and beat her with it till she was black and blue. She had bruises on her legs for days.

Do you think this is bad? This was one of the better incidents.

Perhaps she’ll eventually write about the worst ones, but it’s too hard to even think about for now.

What are some ideas for some diaper punishments?

Do you want to know where this girl is now?

She’s typing this answer.

EDIT: Could you please not comment about how my abuse wasn’t that bad? I know that it’s why I never went to CPS and didn’t even acknowledge that this was abuse for eight years. 

Yes, I had it easy compared to some of you. However, that’s no reason not to validate someone’s abuse. I’m considering closing these comment sections since most have been about how ‘My abuse was worse!’. You can share your story, but don’t put others down while doing it.

Should children be punished?

The parent shouted, “Beat him however you want, but he should study. I will not come to save him”.

We were shocked as he abused his teenage son and shouted at him in front of us. “But…”

“No madam, don’t hesitate, tell me which clothes are white and clean, hand washed or machine washed. Wash him like that.”

The student was shivering with fear and tears rolling down.

“He fears to at least stand in front of me, let alone talking. I’m that strict.”

We were feeling pity for the poor boy.

“He fell on his mother’s feet, begging her not to tell that you people called. That’s the fear children should have …..”

I left from there.

He was not meant to be a parent. Punishment should not make the child hate you; it should teach him a life lesson!

What are some ideas for some diaper punishments? [2024]

If I’m to be diaper-punished, how would you punish me, and how long would it last?

The bare minimum for me would be six months, usually a year. You would be in thick, babyish diapers 24/7, no matter what. 

You would get two changes a day, and you would be fed with baby food with laxatives in and a bottle of milk mixed in. You will be given an enema and suppository every morning and before you go to bed. 

You’ll also be locked in a small Chasity cage 24/7 if you’re a guy. You will also have locking, crinkly plastic panties so that you don’t mess with your diaper. If you’re a guy getting my diaper punishment, you will be treated like a little sissy. 

When we’re at home or someone else’s home, you won’t be wearing anything over your diaper and plastic panties, and when we are in public, you will wear a very short skirt where everyone can see your diaper poking out. I will constantly publicly check your diaper and tell everyone I can about it.

What are some ideas for some diaper punishments?

Is diaper punishment effective for some levels of misbehaviour?

Forcing a potty-trained child to wear diapers as punishment is psychological child abuse. Do NOT do this. Find an alternate method of punishment that is appropriate to the misbehaviour.

My mother was physically and psychologically abusive. As a 12-year-old, my mother threatened to make me wear a diaper, carry a sign stating my “crime,” and walk in front of our home on a busy street. I had no doubt that she was capable of this, which made me absolutely hate her.

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What are some diaper punishments that involve wearing and using in public?

Lock them in their diaper with either locking plastic pants or a locking onesie. It’s even better if designed to force a waddle out of the wearer. Make them go outside and waddle publicly to earn the keys and a change.

Make them do errands with normal clothes on over bulky diapers, only allowing them to get thinner, more discreet diapers if they use their bulky ones. (To make it a real challenge, give them something like Gatorade, so it’s harder to pee, therefore longer waddle time).

Has anyone been in a diaper punishment? If so, why? What was the punishment like?

When I was eight, my mother caught me wearing a soaking wet diaper that I was peeing in when she came to wake me up one Saturday morning. When she discovered that I was wearing diapers, she took me to the grocery store. She bought me two boxes of Pampers and took me back home. 

She changed my diaper on the living room rug and kept me in diapers 24/7/365 until I was 10. At home, I wasn’t allowed to wear anything over my diapers, and she changed me whenever and wherever she saw fit, regardless of who was there.

What is the most embarrassing diaper discipline?

I used padded mittens, wearing diapers, a straight jacket 24/7, and a pacifier gagged in my mouth. I was also forced to listen to headphones and music.

At this time, I cannot grab, speak, or eat by myself; I am just a baby being taken care of it.

Either I cannot know if my diaper is wet because I cannot understand everything beside me is going on. I sleep in my crib in restraints and suffix.

What are some ideas for some diaper punishments? [2024]

Why does diaper punishments even exist?

I think it was intended to be a role-playing act. Some BDSM do master/slave, which most people know about, but some do baby role play in similar ways where the submissive one is reduced to a baby in diapers. 

Most people don’t talk about this due to the stigma, as some people connect it with paedophilia when they don’t understand role-playing with consenting adults acting like children.

However, if an actual parent is forcing a child into diapers who doesn’t need them or wants to wear them, that’s an act that is meant to humiliate and embarrass a child as punishment. Some reduce the child to a baby if they’re acting immature, saying if they act like a baby, they’ll be treated like one.

Others are forced into diapers for having an accident at an older age without it being a regular occurrence in which diapers are required. Either way, that parent needs help understanding what they’re doing to their child.

What are some ideas for some diaper punishments?

Were you forced to act like a baby when you were diaper-punished?

I was six weeks away from being 13 when I was diaper-polished. I was diapered, played and slept in a playpen, sometimes a crib, ate in a high chair, and treated like a 2-year-old toddler. I did not have to crawl, except on occasion, and I did not have to talk baby talk. No goo-goo, gah-gah. 

My mom did talk to me like a baby during diaper changes. So, I guess the answer is that while I was treated like a baby, I did not have to “act” so much like a baby. Still made me feel like one, though.

What would you do if you got diaper-picked?

I wasn’t too much of a handful while growing up, as since I wore diapers, I somewhat behaved… however, if I did misbehave, there was diaper punishment, but mine was. 

In contrast, I was placed in thicker diapers to make it much more obvious that my parents still had an older child in diapers. Generally, when punished, it involved going out in public with my super thick diapers on.

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How do other parents use diaper punishment?

I was always spanked first, real good. I would be crying like a baby. After corner time, I would be taken to the baby room and diapered just like a baby. Diaper time lasted a week or longer, and I was only allowed to wear diapers.

What is your diaper punishment from beginning to end?

My sister and I were always spanked completely naked together and diapered. Our diaper punishment would last one week or longer. 

The bathroom was off-limits to us, and we had to use the diaper. No friends are allowed over. We had to wear a tee shirt all the time. We were fed like babies, baby food. We were changed 3 to 4 times a day.

How do you diaper punish someone who loves diapers?

By making them wear diapers, they don’t like. If they like cloth diapers, make them wear disposable diapers with the baby print on them (Abdl Pampers or Huggies or luvs, depending on their age and size). If they like disposable, make them wear cloth diapers with plastic pants. You find a way if that is what you plan on doing.

Would you use diaper punishment if a child/teen acted like a baby?

Diapers as a punishment? Nowadays, wearing a diaper is a thing in some places. Put your kid in a diaper, and they will get popular quickly!

At one time, putting a kid in a diaper created embarrassment; now, who cares? A child wetting their pants in front of his friends is more embarrassing. I had this happen once when my friends were over; I believe I was 11. 

What are some ideas for some diaper punishments? [2024]

Unable to hold it because others were using the bathroom, I wet my pants in front of my friends. There’s nothing like being teased for one night.

Find another form of punishment; diapers as a punishment are a total joke! Spank the child or take their phones or other electronics away from them. That may help get the message to them quicker!

What are some ideas for some diaper punishments?

Conclusion: Ideas for some diaper punishments

No diaper change on the weekend, or minimal change only if you poop, no clean up, no shower. Ensure you have plenty of food and clean-up supplies before Friday night; punishment ends at 5 PM Sunday.

You put a diaper on, then a tight-fit shorts and a chain in place of a belt. And lock it so there is no way you can get the shorts off. Now, find a place you will not have access to for the weekend and hide the lock key there.

What are some ideas for some diaper punishments? [2024]

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