Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

I don’t trust units of measurement based on body parts because they are more of a matter of opinion. Not everyone’s foot is the same length, nor is everyone’s thumb. According to TSA, the 4-cm-long blade on my little penknife is 4 inches long (They must use baby thumbs).

But as long as the person’s feet reach the ground, 5′8″ is a good enough height.

Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

The perception of whether a height of 5 feet 8 inches (approximately 173 centimeters) is considered “good” can vary widely depending on individual preferences, cultural norms, and societal expectations. In many parts of the world, a height of 5 feet 8 inches falls within the average range for adults, and it is neither notably tall nor notably short.

It’s important to recognize that height is just one aspect of a person’s physical appearance, and its significance is subjective. What matters most is how individuals feel about themselves, their self-confidence, and their overall health and well-being.

Rather than focusing on whether a specific height is “good” or not, it’s essential to appreciate and embrace the diversity of heights and body types that make up the human population. Beauty and self-worth come in many forms and should not be determined solely by physical attributes like height.

What are the disadvantages of being a 5’8″ man?

The only downside is if you incorrectly believe your life would be better if you were taller.

You would be the same if you were over six feet. Depending on where you live, you may need help finding clothes that fit well. You may feel cramped in mass transport and bump your head more often.

You will need to eat more than someone who is 5′8″, and gaining muscle mass is harder.

Be happy at whatever height you are. That is how God designed you to be, and that is perfect.

Is 5’8″ too short for a man to be attractive?

5ft 8 is the average or above average in many countries for men. Most women are shorter than that. So my answer to all the Americans here is to stop with your American dumbassery.

Outside of America, nobody cares if you’re bigger than a European when you’re clinically obese, and you will stand out in most countries because of that. Lol

Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

Is 5’7″ a short height for men?

Not at all, man 5′7 is great. You can body build faster cause it’s easier to put muscle on a smaller frame. The world is more made for you, such as clothes, cars, and trucks. I am 6′4.5 and have a hard time in cars, trucks, and most clothes.

If I visit Japan, it’s not made for guys my size but you would fit in great! And that’s awesome 🙂 I say 5′7 is Okay!

Hope I helped a bit

Have a happy Thanksgiving friend!

Is 5′ 8″ a good height for a guy in India?

I’m 5′8″, and I didn’t face any problem in India with this being.

If you’re worried about girls then I

In my experience, I’ve only seen 5% or fewer girls who are taller than me, so my height is not an issue here.

Almost everything you need to access in public is designed for a 5’8″ person to reach.

So don’t worry about your height. It’s perfectly fine.

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How can I grow taller?

At 20, I started increasing my height by doing regular stretching and lots of stuff.They are:

1-Football This game inspires me, and I love football, but I prefer stretching and warming up before starting playing.

2-Hanging to bar-It will help you straighten your spinal cord and you can do it whenever possible. In the starting days, you feel pain in your hands, but don’t worry, no pain, no gain.

If you can make it in the first month, then in the next 2-3 months, you will feel some changes. This thing helped me when I was twenty years old. At that time, I was 5’8, and I was 5’11 inch after two years.

Is 4 feet 9 inches a good height?

Well, it depends on age. If you are in your teenage years, it’s good.

If you are grown up, it’s still okay. It’s not the average height, but still, it’s just okay.

Also, you should not be insecure or ashamed of your height. Be confident about it; don’t feel bad about it. It demotivates you and makes you feel incomplete.

No matter what others say, you should not consider it too much.

Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?
Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

Is 5’10” a good height for a man?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say yes. 5′10″ is tall enough not to have short man syndrome but not so tall that you might think you’re hot. Tall enough so that height is not an issue, but not so tall that you call yourself tall or think you can slam-dunk. Tall enough to make tall babies. 

They are tall enough to be well-endowed(I know, they don’t correlate). Not so tall that you need tall person accommodations or have to duck through doorways. Nothing to complain about and nothing to brag about!

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Is 5’7 a bad height for a man?

You don’t believe in height, weight, or color when maturing. It’s just off. Someone tells you tall is handsome. You believe small is ugly; someone tells you tall is ugly; you believe tall is ugly, being fair is good, being dark not so much. So you start to shape your mind from inputs of the world, not you.

You have to start letting go of preconceived notions about beauty. We should realize this is your height and it’s not abnormal.

We should be proud of our height, legs, health, and body. It’s our personality.

So if you’re somewhere where most people don’t look like you, f*cking own it, you’re beautiful. Tall or short, how the fuck does it matter?

It doesn’t….

Is 6 feet 0.5 inches a good height for a guy?

I am obliged to say yes because that is my height. I am happy with it and would not want to be any different.

Here is a detail from an official work photo from 2019 showing me and my colleague Rob. We are both the same height at about 6 feet and half an inch.

When I was a first-year university student (a long time ago), young women often asked me how tall I was. I would say, “Six feet,” and they would always reply, “Oh no, you must be taller than that.” So, ever since I have told people who ask that I am six feet one inch, nobody ever disagrees.

My father was 5 feet 11 and a half inches tall, and all through my childhood, I remember people discussing whether or not he was six feet tall and him asserting that he was not.

My late brother Allan was six feet three and a half inches tall and happy with his height, which helped him be a champion hurdler. My son likes that he is six feet four inches tall but would not want to be any taller.

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Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

My late cousin Bruce was six feet seven inches tall and was a champion high jumper, swimmer, and water polo player. For most of his career, he worked at James Cook University, where he was a striking figure, and everybody on campus knew him. 

All his adult life, he had to put up with the usual lame jokes about his height “What’s the weather like up there?” for which he had stock answers.

Were honestly. Now, I will let you see the ‘mystical world of the girls.’ I will give away a secret, and I may get kicked out of the ‘cool girl club,’ but that’s okay. I’m on your side!

I am 5’7” on my flat feet. That height can and will be augmented by sometimes 4” heels.

So, on my tallest day, I will be 5’11”. The shortest man I have ever dated was 5’11”. We were the same height when I was in heels. I am not a normal height. I am considered to be ‘tall’.

I recently talked with a man who started using Bumble dating app. I told him exactly what women are looking for when swiping (depending on age, but I am going with the ‘median’ age of 25–35) in order:

  1. Face
  2. Height
  3. Body type

These are the three things women look for when they are swiping. Body type may be replaced by height in the list of importance, depending on the girl.

This isn’t just based on me swiping; it’s from several women. We could honestly hand our phones to each other, and we would most likely pick the same guys (with a little variance)

Now, that’s just one of the secrets!

What will sway most of us is an intelligently written profile, some great humor, or honesty.

Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

I can not stress this enough – be completely honest about your height! There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of about it! I would honestly be incredibly happy to date a man who is 5’8” if he is:

  • Funny
  • Caring
  • Intelligent

My best friend has family in South America. I visited them for a wedding, and I met her cousin. She kept telling me, “He’s a heartbreaker! He always dates the most beautiful women!”

I was expecting Enrique freaking Inglesias, but when I met him, I thought ‘George Costanza.’

What do you know?…his girlfriend was gorgeous. She was tall, slender, and long, with beautiful hair, and had makeup for the dayz. And she loved him so much! They are now married with a baby on the way.

The last secret I have to share is:

What do women value above everything else? Confidence!

Can a guy whose height is 5′8″ achieve a fit and attractive body?

No, you absolutely can not achieve it!

A guy who is 5′8 cannot achieve a fit and attractive body.

A guy above 5′8 or below 5′8 can only achieve an attractive body.

So, you need help to achieve good fitness and a muscular body.

P.S. Man, anybody can achieve great fitness and a muscular body. You can have a good physique with a proper diet, dedication, persistence, and hard work.

Height doesn’t matter!

Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?
Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

As a shorter male (5’8″), how can I increase my attractiveness to females?

5’8″ is barely below the mean male height in the United States. It puts you within one standard deviation of the mean, in the middle third. If someone told you it was “pretty short,” they were misinformed.

Your entirely ordinary height is not a flaw that needs to be overcome. It’s simply a way you do not match the unrealistic male beauty ideal. 

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Nearly every man has at least one physical characteristic that doesn’t match the unrealistic male beauty ideal. That’s why it’s unrealistic. And women know this. Have women somehow missed that most men don’t look like Chris Hemsworth?

5’8″ tall men are getting laid and loved day in and day out. They do it by having other attractive qualities. Cultivate your other attractive qualities. You’d need to do that if you were 6’4″, too.

Would you consider dating a man who is only 5′8″ tall?

It is so incredibly shallow to be concerned with height in such a way. Among politicians, for instance, Vladimir Putin at 5′7″ is one of the world’s most powerful, and Stephen Harper at 6′2″ is one of the most impotent. Only the most superficial people on earth would choose their dates based solely on height, and I am not one of them.

Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

Is 5’8’’ the perfect height for males?

No, it’s average or slightly below average for a man. I’d say average when you factor in the fraud self-reported height time height vs. morning, hair, shoes, etc., people adding a lot more to their height than they are. Also, they do not measure accurately.

A genuine 6ft is taller than most, except in Eastern European countries. 5’8 would not be considered ideal for most girls. The more important question, though, is, does it matter? We are all going to die one day. 

Why stress over something you can’t change? Many taller men (like myself at 6’1 ) would also love to change other things about themselves. No one is perfect. Very few, and I mean very few, people have it all. Height, looks, and intelligence. Work on what you can change.

Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

Have good posture and low body fat- take care of your face, which can be changed more than height, and increase your genetic potential intelligence by reading more, learning a new subject, and training your mind to be more analytical. Height is one of the pieces, and in the long run, both face and height hold very little importance after you get married and settle down with a family.

Even if you divorce, many women look past stupid things such as height once they age and become more mature. Height obsessing is a high school fan-girl thing. Change your life and perspective; trust me, you’ll be much happier.

Is 6’1″ a good enough height for a guy?

Yes, it is! It is the bare minimum for “good enough” for almost any straight woman in the Western world (unless you live in The Netherlands, that is.)

You are taller than 88% of all men and are ideal for Western women regarding a man. Unless the woman is 5′10″ and up, anything above 6′3″ may be seen as “too tall,”, especially for things like kissing. 

If you are below 6′0″, you’re near-universally going to be considered at a disadvantage (aka, “too short”) compared to other available men. You are “just right” regarding male height in dating, typically around 3 inches above the national median. “Tall” without being “too tall.”

In an online dating study (which I don’t have the link to right now), it was said that 96% of straight women (the largest percentage) would consider their man ideal at 6′1″, although other heights would also apply to this.

Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

93% said 6′0″ was good on a man (second-best male height). 88% of women said 6′2″ was good on a man. 83% said 6′3″ was good, and 70% said 6′4″ was good. Then, after 6′5″ and before 6′0″, the numbers sharply drop and are no longer considered good odds towards appealing to women.

In other words, any man between 6′0″ and 6′4″ was going to impress most women, while any man taller than 6′5″ was only going to impress tall women and the most shallow of short ones, and any man under 6′0″ was simply too short to be attractive to most women, outside of wealth and fake serving as compensators.

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Even if you’re gay, 6′1″ is still the ideal male height and advantageous for every sport (except maybe basketball and professional wrestling, if that counts). 

And at 6′1″, you are tall enough to gain respect from others while not needing to buy special clothes and have special accommodations for things like cars or airplane seats. 

Taller may seem better, but much taller men (6′2″ and above) also live shorter and will die 5–10 years earlier and develop health problems much quicker, especially in the back.

So, as I said, any man who is between 6′0″ and 6′4″ is the ideal height range for society, with 6′1″ truly being THE most ideal for a man (unless you’re in The Netherlands or dealing with a shallow 5′10″ girl). You are not short (> 6′0″) and not “too tall” where health problems and clothing issues occur. You are the ideal male height.

Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

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