Is John Cena the greatest WWE superstar ever?

Is John Cena the greatest WWE superstar ever?

There are many great superstars; I can’t say Cena is the greatest. But yes, He is the most popular superstar in the history of WWE. He is one of those few wrestlers or only wrestlers whose fan base has no age limit from kids to seniors; he was very popular among them.

He is a role model to everyone; kids like and admire him. Talking about the greatest WWE wrestlers with great wrestling skills, there are too many legends, but talking about popularity, he is the greatest superstar ever. John Cena’s fan base was extraordinary. You definitely can call him the greatest megastar of all time. 

The most important part of Cena’s career is he consistently main-evented the shows of WWE for a very long time; WWE was mostly dependent on him. 

In the Attitude era, there were many superstars WWE depended on – Undertaker, Kane, Stonecold, Kurt Angle, Big Show, Y2j, Benoit, Rock, Hhh, HBK, Edge, etc. But in Cena’s era, he took a load of the company for many years single-handedly. 

There was more burden on him because he was the only big face of the company, so remaining fit for many years and entertaining the audience was extraordinary. Yes, He is the Once in a lifetime wrestler.

Is John Cena the greatest WWE superstar ever?

John Cena is the greatest WWE superstar ever seen; on the day of his debut, He showed the spirit of hard work everywhere.

  1. 16-time world champion
  2. His Never Give Up Motivations
  3. 650+ Make-a-Wish grants
  4. When superstars like Stone Cold, Rock, and others left the company, John Cena uplifted the company.
  5. 5. No other superstars’ merchandise sold like John Cena’s (Huge hit)
  6. He defeated all the popular WWE superstars,
  7. He has been the face of WWE for 12 long years.
  8. His Mic skills are extraordinary.
  9. The best Theme song
  10. Dr.Thuganomics
  11. His charity works(Most of the people don’t know)
  12. His Ring work is phenomenal.
  13. MR HUSTLE LOYALTY & Respect He has more records than anyone.
  14. You can’t see me. Jokes are still in usage, and the most used Slogan by normal people for their small wrestling feats is “His name is John Cena” music.

So I declare The Cenation leader is the greatest In WWE.

How did John Cena become the face of the WWE?

A few reasons. He had a look anyone with eyes knew would fit into WWE.

Now, you might be thinking, “Why not Orton? WHy not Batista?”

That’s likely due to a combination of things such as him having a better attitude than Orton but also being younger than Batista, who by the time of debuting was 33. Lesnar was meant to be the face, but when he left the co, a combination of the above and a certain gimmick put him right where he needed to be.

Cena was consistent, he was good, there wasn’t the huge fear of scandal with Orton, and they would get more out of him than Batista. His healing factor allows him to return from a neck injury early.

That’s worth its weight in gold. Reliable people are hard to come by; love or hate him, Cena was a reliable guy with the skills that made him what he is.

Don’t get it twisted, though; he wasn’t ordained and built strong, but that’s likely knowing that he isn’t someone you want to squash. He could well have been dropped at one point or another. If it was bad luck, maybe Cena never hit the heights he did.

Just so happens that everything worked out, and I think they’re pretty happy with who they got.

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Why did the WWE choose John Cena as a top guy?

Sadly enough, because he had a look, kept his nose clean, and was ‘there.’

You have to understand the time that Cena rose to prominence; Cena was apart of the OVW Class that included Randy “He was hired sight unseen” Orton, Brock “We signed his best friend to make him feel better” Lesner and Dave “Has the Look, but is slightly old” Batista.

John Cena wasn’t even considered the fourth of that, as they had other guys like Rico ahead of him and Shelton Benjamin. John Cena initially came up as a Jobber Baby face to start and was actually about to get fired backstage due to a lack of faith. 

Is John Cena the greatest WWE superstar ever?

Two things saved Cena: His Freestyle rapping that he would do on tour buses to entertain the guys and Stephanie McMahon, who saw potential in him. Free-style rapping became his gimmick on TV, and he got over with the fans.

Around this time, Brock Lesner did not agree to a contract extension, Randy Orton was injured with a Shoulder injury, and Batista was big but still green and lacking promo skills.

That left Cena the only young gun on Smack down and the only one they could trust long-term. Cena was just in the right place at the right time with the right work ethic and set of skills.

Who are WWE superstar John Cena’s real-life friends in the WWE?

Difficult question. Because the friends circle… rotates fast in the WWE. You can have somebody you like, and then they try to beat you up. And then you can have somebody who beats you up, and you don’t like them. 

But you beat them up so much that you like each other. So it’s a rotating merry-go-round of friendship that never stops. So…everyone but no one.

What would the WWE be like if John Cena never became a wrestler?

Most people don’t realize that John Cena was already a wrestler before he even got into the WWE.

Cena’s original name was The Prototype when he started wrestling, so he still would’ve done it. We wouldn’t have heard of him because his matches wouldn’t be shown on TV.

Why did WWE never turn John Cena heel?

John Cena was a heel in his early WWE career, where he portrayed the gimmick of the Doctor of Thuganomics, a rude and obnoxious rapper who disses his opponents through rap.

After a year or two, WWE turned his face and took up the HLR guy, the John Cena that we know today.

Ever since then, he has been a fully blown babyface, the Face of WWE, the needle mover, the money bringer, the partnership maker, the Franchise, the 16x champ, and the foundation of the PG era.

Is John Cena the greatest WWE superstar ever?
Is John Cena the greatest WWE superstar ever?

There were rumors that Cena would turn heel following his loss to Bray Wyatt at WM 36 since most of Wyatt’s opponents undergo a metamorphosis after facing him. Cena confirmed that they thought of changing his appearance where he would wear some tights or something like that.

Honestly, I don’t mind seeing Cena as a face forever; he’s just one of the greatest sources of inspiration.

The kids love him, so turning his heel would break many hearts, one reason he would never.

Why was John Cena the face of the WWE for so long?

Before John Cena became the face of the WWE

Two wrestlers were the faces of the WWE at the same time who were already popular before him a few years earlier in the late 1990s and early 2000s (you most likely know who they are) :

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Rock

The problem was Stone Cold was forced to retire from wrestling in 2003 because of serious injuries that he sustained throughout his wrestling career that limited his wrestling abilities in the ring, most notably his broken neck, which he got from a botched pile-driver from Owen Hart at Summerslam in 1997:

Is John Cena the greatest WWE superstar ever?

The Rock left the WWE to become a Hollywood movie star, and from that point on, he would only wrestle sporadically from 2001 until he retired in 2004:

With Steve Austin and The Rock gone, the WWE had to look for new wrestlers to replace them, so they went with Brock Lesnar:

The problem was Brock Lesnar also left the WWE in 2004, and the only guys they had left were Batista, Randy Orton, and John Cena. Still, Cena was the one who got the bigger reactions from the fans than the rest of them did, so that’s why he was chosen to become the face of the WWE for years; it wasn’t their choice. They did it because they didn’t have Rock, Austin, and Lesnar anymore.

Why is John Cena no longer the face of WWE?

John Cena age:- 42 year

Work:- part-time wrestler, full-time Hollywood

You see, Cena has accomplished everything there is to accomplish in wrestling. He was the face of the company for 12 or 14 years. And now it’s time for new talent to rise.

But here is what I think:-

The face of the company things is a really stupid idea, and also, like the roman reign back in the day, Cena was not liked by the fans because:-

1. Any wrestler who is the face of the company is not going to lose any main event match, which is a really stupid idea.

2. the same thing will happen to every storyline. First, the get attacked by any heel, and then in the match, there will beat the heel guy every fucking time.

3. When you have so many talented guys, why are you giving all glamorous to one guy?

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Is John Cena the greatest WWE superstar ever?

4. In making a superstar face of a company, they bury many superstars just for one guy; for example, you remember when Rey won the championship and lost that belt to John Cena the same night, so what was the point of Rey winning the championship?

John Cena has accomplished everything in wrestling, so giving him any championship belt now does not make sense, so he is out for good.

Plot twists: Cena is still the face of the company, but you can’t see him.

Who is better, Roman Reigns or John Cena?

Is John Cena the greatest WWE superstar ever?
Is John Cena the greatest WWE superstar ever?

I have been a fan of wrestling for the last two decades. I grew up during the attitude era with Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, etc…

Then came the next-gen stars – the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, etc. and finally, the current generation Superstars- The Shield Boy’s (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, etc……)

Now, coming to your question- Both are from different eras. So, comparing the two superstars from two eras would need towouldn’t be more fair. But still, if I had to compare-

I would pick John Cena. 

Is John Cena the greatest WWE superstar ever?

He has been on the main roster for the last 15 years. He has main-evented Wrestlemania more than any Superstar of the modern era ( to the best of my knowledge). He has been the WWE Champion for a record 16 Times (I am sure he will surpass RIC Flair as well). Apart from his In-Ring achievements, he has a huge brand value- The face of WWE for the past decade. 

I can’t remember a superstar who has been the face of the Company for such a long duration. I want to echo his words, “The face that runs the place.” Most importantly, John Cena is a huge entertainer; that’s what WWE is all about. It’s pure entertainment.

Why not Roman Reigns? Well, this guy has a lot of potential. He was the powerhouse of the Shield- The Big Dog. He has proved over the past 4-5 years that if there is anyone who can be the face of the Company in the years to come- It’s him. He has been the WWE Champion several times, and yes, he beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. 

But his achievements are far less than that of Cena. He has to spend at least a decade in WWE(achieve a lot more) if people consider comparing him with any of the WWE Legends.

Which WWE superstar is better, John Cena or Shawn Michaels?

It depends on who you ask and better in what way. They are equally talented on the Microphone. As far as ring chemistry, I’d give it to HBK. Getting the fans behind you and getting them to believe IN YOUR character, whether Heel or Face, is critical to success.

Cena sometimes makes it obvious when he calls out the next sequence of moves, while Shawn Michaels makes it look more natural and unpredictable.

Consider that both gentlemen perform(ed) in different eras of the business. Shawn more or less paved the way for guys like John Cena and figuratively wrote the book on how to get over with the fans. 

John Cena is a company guy, and there is nothing wrong with that per se, except fans can see through him as the Company gears its product toward the younger generation. Mr. Cena is the WWE’s poster boy. Fans tend to gravitate to those who go against the Norm and defy the rules.

On a scale of 1–10, 10 being better. I’d measure Cena at 8.5 overall and HBK at 10. Just my opinion, though.

If John Cena never became a pro wrestler, who would be the top guy in the WWE?

As in, during his tenure as a champ? That’s a big question. He was a top guy for so long.

My gut instinct says Randy Orton takes a huge chunk of that time. He takes some as well. Jericho a bit. Edge only a bit because he was a guy who held the belt a lot, but only for a short time ever.

However, one of them would’ve had to turn their face because they were mostly heels when they held their belts. So maybe Shawn Michaels gets the belt instead since he was primarily a face, belt, or no belt then.

Who was John Cena’s first WWE opponent?

It was against Kurt Angle on SmackDown! in 2002. Angle went down to the ring and asked anybody in the back to face him. Out comes John Cena wearing trunks.

Angle asks Cena, “What is the one quality that YOU possess that makes you think you can walk out here and come into the ring and face the very best in the business?” Cena replied with: 

“Ruthless…. aggression!” the birth of a legend. He lost the match, but you know the rest of the story.

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Who defeated John Cena?

Lots of wrestlers have beaten John Cena. Despite his unbeatable reputation, he was one of the most beatable #1 guys ever. What made Cena boring was that they let him stay champion for too long. 

He lost many matches after that stupidly long title reign and even a few here and there during it. He once lost to The Great Khali but beat him when it mattered for the title. He’s a lot to Randy Orton, Triple H, Batista, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Roman Reigns, and others.

Will John Cena win his 17th title?

Honestly, no. John Cena is a part-time wrestler. He is in his 40s and is not in his peak condition. Cena winning the title would be a huge deal, even though Ric has held the title over 20 times (WWE does not officially recognize them). This will put Cena as the greatest achiever in WWE history.

But if he wins the title, he will be another transitional champion, as he would have to lose the title after some weeks as he’s a super busy man. 

It is degrading to be a transitional champion at this point in his career *Goldberg* *coughs*

WWE could go with that angle and do the victory laps and make him hold a title for 2–3 weeks, but Vince knows that it’s not the right thing because if it were, it would have happened before.

Cena, at this point, should help in putting wrestlers over.

Honestly, he shouldn’t break his record.

Is John Cena the greatest WWE superstar ever?

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