What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

You may need clarification on sage mode, six paths senjutsu, and six paths sage mode.

Sage mode:

It can be entered by blending natural energy with one’s chakra in perfect balance; the snake sage mode has vertical snake pupils and purple pigmentation around the eye, while the toad sage mode has horizontal toad pupils and orange pigmentation.

The sage mode can grant users heightened physical parameters (though not very high, it mainly increases speed and reflexes).

And grant them the ability to sense chakra(to the point they can react without seeing the attack). Their ninjutsu and genjutsu are strengthened with natural energy(the larger the amount of naturally blended in the technique, the stronger it is, though there is a limit to perfecting the balance).

Toad sage mode users gain a technique called “frog kata.” In contrast, in toad sage mode, their physical parameters increase more highly(speed, reflexes, durability, and especially strength). They can hold huge things; an invisible natural energy aura would increase their attack range.

While Naruto is in his kurama mode, he can absorb natural energy faster, allowing him to get sage mode much faster; the problem is even if he gets the mode faster, his chakra reserves are huge due to Kurama influence, even getting natural energy faster would not make naruto able to still balance the natural energy with Kurama chakra with little time.

What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

He would still need to take time while accumulating enough natural energy for this, so his ninjutsu is not strengthened that much relatively; even if he did accumulate enough natural energy, he would lose the sage mode in 5 minutes due to his huge chakra usage, though he would be highly boosted at this time.

For six paths senjutsu, users use the ten tails chakra, which is a permanent senjutsu chakra (Naruto got this from Hagoromo, as what happened to Asura, and Hagoromo was born with it due to his mother, Kaguya, which is the ten tails), this increases their physical parameters (though only speed and reflexes were notably very highly increased, the physical strength is not, much like the snake sage mode or toad sage mode without frog kata).

Their sensing ability highly increases above sage mode (they can even sense limbo). They also manifest several truth-seeking balls, become able to fly, and have access to all five basic nature transformations, yin and yang, and yin-yang release; their ninjutsu and genjutsu strength is highly increased also

Six paths sage mode is more of sage mode than a form of six paths senjutsu.

Naruto got a form due to having chakra from all nine-tailed beasts separately; he got it from Hagoromo somehow (though Naruto is the only user of it in databooks and Narutopedia). 

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His eyes in this mode are much similar to what he got when combining toad sage mode with Kurama mode, though there is no pigmentation around his eyes that indicates toad sage mode; also, while naruto can combine this mode with Kurama mode, he can not combine it with toad sage mode.

In this mode, Naruto absorbs a HUGE amount of natural energy (used to make a better balance with his nine tails chakra than with his bijuu sage mode) instantly.

What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

This natural energy increases naruto’s physical strength highly (to the point he can deflect a truth-seeking ball with his leg), speed and reflexes (he can evade Madara limbo attack), durability(even Chidori can not do much damage to him while in conjunction with nine tails chakra mode).

However, all of these were accessible in every sage mode, though on the weaker scale, while the toad sage mode’s special ability is frog kata, as I already mentioned. 

Snake sage mode has mokotensei; sage mode on itself without frog kata does not increase physical strength and durability that is highly relative to the speed.

This was the case with Naruto just for his frog kata. With snake sage mode, Kabuto displayed high speed and reflexes as he bisected Itachi with his Sharingan, though it was a surprise, and Itachi and Sasuke lowered their differences; Kabuto never displayed high physical strength and durability).

This mode increases sensing ability so that Naruto can detect limbo and fight them; also, since Naruto jutsus are imbued in greater amounts of natural energy (as I said, Naruto jutsus are highly taxing and natural energy he got from toad sage mode is not collected that fast.

And six paths sage mode is permanent, unlike toad sage mode, though he can not use the mode while low on chakra for some reason); they are strengthened more highly. Most of what I said is from the Narutopedia page for six paths sage mode.

What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

All right, so before saying that, Let me clear a set of Misunderstandings created by some people.

1) Six Paths Chakra and Six Paths Senjutsu

I don’t know what misunderstandings you have about SPC/ SPS, but let me tell you something: SPC is nothing but Hagoromo’s Chakra, which is Half Otsutsuki’s. He got his Chakra from a Human and Otsutsuki’s, which means Six Paths Chakra is But an Inferior version of Otsutsuki’s Chakra.

When Hagoromo used natural energy along with his Chakra, he created a form of Senjutsu superior to Normal Senjutsu ONLY BECAUSE OF HIS CHAKRA BEING BETTER THAN HUMANS. So SPS is senjutsu with Half Otsutsuki Chakra.

Many people now that SPC and Or SPS grant you Flying need to be made aware. But it doesn’t. Reason?

Hagoromo here had both his Chakra, and he was using Senjutsu, YET he was not flying. I will talk about this later in the answer.

2) Truth Seeking Balls – What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

These balls can be made only when you have MASTERED YIN-YANG RELEASE and ALL Chakra Natures. So TSB appears only when:-

  • You are a Ten Tails Jinchuriki, which grants you mastery over ALL CHAKRA NATURES by default.
  • Naruto was pseudo Ten Tails Jinchuriki, And Obito and Madara had Ten Tails.
  • Hagoromo / Hamura mastered every Chakra Nature and Yin-Yang Release. That’s why they can technically use TSB.

3) Flying/ Levitating

Now, Flying is an ability granted by Having Ten Tails Chakra; why? Ten tails Chakra is the closest you can get to having an Otsutsuki’s Chakra, and as we have seen, Every Otsutsuki can Fly. 

And every Otsutsuki generally Consume Ten tails, Chakra/ Chakra Fruit, whatever you want to call it.

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It’s probably because of them having Superior Chakra. So, I did All this to establish the Following Facts:-

  • Six Paths Chakra is an Inferior Version of Otsutsuki’s Chakra(Dulled by Human Chakra) OR a Superior Version of the Human Chakra ( Enhanced by Otsutsuki’s Chakra), whichever suits your Perspective.
  • Six Paths Senjutsu is juat Senjutsu enhaced by Impure Otsutsuki’s Chakra.
  • TSB is the product of Mastering all Chakra Natures AND YIN YANG RELEASE.
  • Neither SPC nor SPS grants Flying; it’s gained by gaining Ten tails of Chakra
  • Why? Because Ten Tails Chakra is the nearest, you can get to Otsutsuki’s Chakra.
What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

What is the difference between Six Paths Sage Mode and Six Paths Senjutsu?

The fact that it’s almost 2023, and people are still wondering whether Six Paths Sage Mode and Six Paths Senjutsu are the same thing or not🤦‍♂️.

I get that the war arc was messy and somewhat confusing at times, but this shit isn’t that hard to understand.

I will give a not-so-long shorter and more detailed answer to this.

This is Six Paths Sage Mode:

Which is a buffed version of normal Sage Mode, which looks like this:

As you can see, he has cross-shaped pupils, and there is no pigmentation around his eyes, implying he is using the normal Sage Mode.

According to some people, this is Six Paths Sage Mode:

It isn’t. This is when Naruto combines the Kyuubi Chakra Mode and Six Paths Sage Mode, giving him that glow.

And there is still no pigmentation around his eyes, which would imply he is using Sage Mode.

It is exactly like how Naruto combined the Kyuubi Chakra Mode and his normal Sage Mode during the War.

As you can see, pigmentation is around his eyes, just like when he was using Sage Mode during Pain Arc.

What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

You can tell that Naruto has cross-shaped pupils, but does that imply he had Six Paths Sage Mode? Not necessarily, at least, I don’t think so.

He always has cross-shaped pupils when he is under Kyuubi’s influence or when he is using the Kyuubi Chakra Modes

As you can see in the picture below, because of the Kyuubi’s influence on Naruto, he had cross-shaped pupils when he was having his conversation with Nagato

I hope people don’t come up with the conclusion that Naruto had Six Paths Sage Mode at that time because, at this point, especially regarding this topic, nothing would surprise me.

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Furthermore, you can easily tell the difference between the cross-shaped pupils, them being bigger and wider while he’s in Six Paths Sage Mode.

This is Six Paths Senjutsu:

The Rikudou Pattern on his back is what signifies Six Paths Senjutsu. And having Six Paths Sage Mode doesn’t mean that the chakra being used is Six Paths Senjutsu.

The panel specifically showed the marks on his back when Madara was referencing Six Paths Senjutsu and not his freaking eyes, just like how the panel specifically showed Sasuke’s Rinnegan when Madara was referencing it and not his freaking Sharingan.

What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

Six Paths Senjutsu automatically grants the user mastery over the Yin/Yang Release, which can be used to create Truth Seeking Orbs.

Six Paths Senjutsu also grants you mastery over all five basic chakra natures.

Obtaining Six Paths Senjutsu is a simple concept to understand. You need the chakra of all 9 Bijuu to obtain Six Paths Senjutsu; it’s that simple.

Or simply, becoming the Juubi’s Jinchuriki will grant you access to Six Paths Senjutsu, which again concludes that you need chakra from all the Bijuu.

This is shown and implied by the Rikudou pattern on the back of whoever becomes the Juubi’s Jinchuriki.

In Obito’s case:

There is a huge misconception of Naruto losing Six Paths Sage Mode. No, Naruto didn’t lose SPSM.

He lost Six Paths Senjutsu due to the lack of feats and usage of certain abilities granted from it.

This is proven because Naruto doesn’t have the Rikudou Pattern in his back anymore as an adult.

He still has Son Goku’s chakra, as shown by his usage of Lava Release in the Boruto manga.

But nothing that implies he has Six Paths Senjutsu, as of now.

What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

No feats, no usage of Truth Seeking Orbs, or anything, and of course, the Rikudou Pattern is missing from the back of the cloak.

The fact that he had to resort to Baryon Mode basically proves that he doesn’t have Six Paths Senjutsu anymore. 

If he did, he would’ve used Yin/Yang manipulation, Truth Seeking Orbs, etc., because they’re more powerful defenses and offensive stuff than anything he has in his arsenal.

See how Naruto never mentioned Six Paths Senjutsu when resorting to Baryon Mode?

Furthermore, In Boruto episode 126, Naruto no longer has Matatabi, Kokuo, and Chomei’s chakra.

This implies even more that he doesn’t have Six Paths Senjutsu anymore.

That is all. And no, Six Paths Senjutsu and Six Paths Sage Mode are NOT the same things; they’re completely different. Naruto hasn’t lost Six Paths Sage Mode; he has lost Six Paths Senjutsu due to the lack of feats, showings, and clear hints.

Does Naruto use Sage Mode now, or only Six Paths Sage Mode?

Since around the war arc, Naruto has not used Sage Mode. He used Sage Mode for the final time around here or in his collab with Minato.

We saw him use it here, but this is a filler arc, so you can believe it if you want.

And yes, he primarily uses Six Paths Sage Mode for all his fights nowadays. It’s been his most frequent source of power. I don’t blame him, though. It’s his most powerful form, so it wouldn’t make sense not to use your strongest.

As we all remember, even base Six Paths Sage Mode without adding Kurama chakra is extremely powerful, so this form is way more valid.

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Who was the second Sage of Six Paths?

Madara Uchiha. Three people had officially the moniker “Rikudō” attached to them.

Hagoromo was the first Rikudō Sennin, also called God Sage of Six Paths, a unique title.

Madara was the second; Obito referenced this title while he impersonated Madara. He was also the first person who acquired/awakened Hagoromo’s chakra after the latter’s death.

Nagato was the third Rikudō due to his possessing the Rinnegan from Madara.

What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

Obito was technically the fourth but was never called the fourth Rikudō, though he was stated to be like Hagoromo by Madara. And was the fourth person who wielded the Rinnegan.

It’s indicated that you only need to possess the Rinnegan to be called such, given Nagato’s just had a transplanted pair but was still considered the third Rikudō. Sasuke would be the fifth Rikudō.

And the only one who awakened a Rinnegan after the second Rikudō, Madara. Additionally, like Madara, he technically got Asura’s DNA — -chakra through Kabuto and mixed it with Indra’s.

There is also Naruto, who didn’t possess the Rinnegan but had a Rikudō Sennin Mōde.

Does Naruto still have Six Paths Sage Mode with Truth Seeking Orbs?

No. He no longer looks like this when he enters SPSM. He used them up during the war against Madara, Kaguya, and finally Sasuke

Three to trap these clones. A few on these Rasenshuriken.

And finally, the last remaining ones were used to counter Sasuke’s Indra arrow.

He apparently can’t replenish them like a Ten Tails Jinchuuriki could, so its a wrap for them.

Does Naruto still have Six Paths Sage Mode with Truth Seeking Orbs?

No. He no longer looks like this when he enters SPSM. He used them up during the war against Madara, Kaguya, and finally, Sasuke.

Three to trap these clones. A few on these Rasenshuriken.

And finally, the last remaining ones were used to counter Sasuke’s Indra arrow.

He apparently can’t replenish them like a Ten Tails Jinchuuriki could, so its a wrap for them.

Why does Six Paths Sage Mode look so different in Boruto?

The authors just gave up and said, whatever after trying to figure out which form is which. Or the authors of Boruto haven’t seen Naruto, which is probably the case.

The show isn’t about Naruto anymore; it’s about Boruto, so the authors don’t need to get details on Naruto’s cosmetics.

What exactly is the Six Paths Chakra in Naruto?

Well, the Six Paths Chakra is very complex. This is my theory.

Six Paths Chakra is the combination of different types of energy.

Also, there are different types of Six Paths Chakra.

Simple Six Paths Chakra, or just the normal Otsutsuki Chakra. It’s still Six Paths, but just not Senjutsu. Why do I think this Chakra exists?

Hagoromo gave Sasuke Six Paths Chakra, too, but he never awakened the Six Paths Sage Mode.

And he has never shown any sage mode abilities. Normal Six Paths Chakra, or just Juubi Chakra

The pre-divine tree Juubi already has already six paths chakra, but it’s different from senjutsu since it never gave Jigen any sage-ability.

Six Paths Senjutsu, or advanced Six Paths Chakra.

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What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

Advanced Six Paths Chakra combines “Living Beings chakra+Planet’s Nature Energy+Ten Tails Chakra.”

Why do I think that?

The God Tree consumes all life from the planet, so it absorbs the energy from all sentient and vegetal beings from the planet.

Plus, the pre-planted Juubi already has Chakra, so the Chakra Fruit should combine all those types of energy.

Naruto received half of Hagoromo’s Chakra and a piece of all Tailed Beasts Chakra (Divided from an already planted Juubi), so he awakened Six Paths Sage Mode.

So there are three types of Six Paths Chakra

Otsutsuki Chakra: the normal Chakra of the Otsutsuki kind.

Pre-planted Juubi Chakra: the same Chakra Jigen absorbed from Juubi.

Six Paths Senjutsu Chakra: “Living Beings Chakra+Planet’s nature energy+Ten Tails Chakra.”

What is the Six Paths Sage Mode?

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