What is the relationship between Naruto and Tsunade?

What is the relationship between Naruto and Tsunade?

When Naruto became Jiraiya’s pupil, they received a mission to look for Tsunade (she was not Hokage yet). When they found her, she wasn’t very fond of Naruto. She thought he was just a young brat jinchuriki and had NO faith in him whatsoever. 

But after the fight with Kabuto and Orochimaru, she said her loved ones in Naruto began to respect him. As the show went on, she began to root for him (especially after the Pain Arc). By the time the 4th Great Ninja War broke out, she had complete faith in him.

All of Naruto’s relationships start and evolve just like that. He never gives up and fights for his friends. No matter what your opinion of Naruto is, you will always wind up loving him because that’s the person he is.

What is the relationship between Naruto and Tsunade?

She’s a surrogate godmother figure. They’re distantly related, but Naruto didn’t know that until he was older. Knowing him, he doesn’t care much. She’s family because they developed that bond, not because they’re related. 

He calls her granny in the English dub because it’s the closest translation of the honorific he uses in the Japanese original, which is more like -baa, which is roughly older female (informal, affectionate). Basically, Granny in English, but not necessarily Grandmother in the familial sense.

Why did Naruto dislike Tsunade at first?

He was a basic kid. Kids are honest and direct. If you do something like send them to go play or something when they’re bothering you, they say direct shit like, “You’re mean!”

So that’s the case here.

So Tsunade was being her low self at this point. A mean drunk always pushes people away. Naruto’s a kid, and he wasn’t having any of that. He called her out on being mean and grumpy and wanted to teach her a lesson. Tsunade knows she can clearly beat him with TOTAL ease, so she has this smug look on her face that makes Naruto even angrier.

Are Tsunade and Naruto’s relationship mother and son?

As an orphan, Naruto tends to cast people close to him in familial roles. So, we don’t really need to guess his relationship with Tsunade.

He tells us over and over again.

She’s Grandma Tsunade.

It needs to be clarified how literally he means that. The Japanese word that he uses needs to be clarified. But Grandma is the general concept.

Since Naruto only knew his biological grandmother and real family ties later in his life, he may not fully understand what that means.

But that is the way that he sees her.

For her part, Tsunade… after an admittedly rocky start… believes in Naruto completely. After he saves her life from Kabuto, her faith in him is absolute.

So… in a way… she is a bit like a grandma to him.

Who is more important to Tsunade, Naruto or Sakura?

Obviously Naruto. When Tsunade was the Hokage, according to her, Naruto was the future of the leaf village. She can see her younger brother Kawaki and her lover Dan Kato in him. 

She has seen his growth and the way he changed after the death of Jiraiya. She has full confidence in him. She even went against the decision of the council committee when they asked Tsunade not to bring Naruto back to Leaf Village during Pain’s attack.

P.S: Not only Tsunade but the whole village also had high hopes for Naruto in the past and even now when Naruto is a Hokage.

Who is more important to Tsunade, Naruto or Sakura?

Obviously, Naruto, though Sakura is her student. But Naruto is a special emotion to Tsunade.

They two have a very strong relationship based on their mutual love and respect, one that could also be called familial, as Naruto is the only person to refer to Tsunade as Grandma.

Also, Tsunade found Naruto similar to her younger brother Nawaki both in appearance and personality.

Moreover, they two are the descendants of the Denni clan; one is Sanju, and the other is Uzumaki.

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In Blood Prison, why didn’t Tsunade believe Naruto was innocent, and why was it all rehearsed?

I think Tsunade truly thought it was Naruto who attacked the Raikage.

There is literally no reason why Tsunade couldn’t tell Naruto her intended plans. Naruto literally almost got killed several times during his stay in that castle, and Tsunade knew how harsh and gruesome it was to stay there. 

She could have just told Naruto the real deal and made him go undercover. If Naruto weren’t an unrealistic character like he is, it would have honestly been a “lack of trust” moment for Naruto.

The way he was ignored, forced to be sealed in the cage, and treated by Tsunade was really “forced” for you to call it an undercover mission.

What is the relationship between Naruto and Tsunade?
What is the relationship between Naruto and Tsunade?

If I remember correctly, Hokage Naruto sent team 7 to go undercover for this very same mission.

Naruto made them aware and made it very clear that it was a mission for them, and they gladly accepted it. Why didn’t Tsunade do the same for Naruto? Naruto felt really hurt and betrayed by the people he trusted the most.

This is one of the many reasons why I consider Blood Prison to be the worst Naruto movie created.

What does Tsunade really think of Naruto?

She loves him and always has since she realized how similar he was to her brother and boyfriend.

She saw Naruto as if God gave her a gift or a third chance of happiness. She was lucky and blessed despite being totally down in the dumps.

Hearing him say, “It’s my dream to become Hokage,” was too surreal for her. She literally couldn’t process it and could only react one way.

With love. She got her brother back. She got Dan back. She was happy for once after all those years of drinking and gambling the pain away.

In Naruto anime, why do they call Tsunade – “Princess Tsunade”?

Because Tsunade

She is a princess. She is the heir of the Senju clan, the granddaughter of the great Hashirama Senju, and grand niece of Tobirama Senju.

And is the sole owner of the Senju heritage. A clan was known as the direct descendant of the sage of six paths beside Uchiha Clan.

Does Tsunade love Jiraiya?

Yes. Tsunade does love Jiraiya. There is no doubt. But it’s an odd kind of love for a shonen.

From the first instant of their reunion in that bar in the middle of nowhere, they speak volumes in only a few sentences. You can almost palpably feel all the many words that aren’t said. Every pause is a paragraph. Every look a novel. Every gesture is a library.

This is old, deep love.

This is love between two people who have seen every part of each other over a very long period together. Looked deeply into each other’s souls and saw not only the best but also the worst.

You don’t see that much in shonen-type stories.

Are Tsunade’s feelings romantic?

Let me ask you this.

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Would it be possible for Tsunade… as she is at the time of their last conversation… to love any other man as much as she loves Jiraiya?

Romantic? It seems petty to think in those terms. Insufficient. They’ve reached a point where romance hardly matters. Dating, marrying, or whatever would only formalize the level of emotional intimacy that they already feel for each other.

Who does Tsunade Senju love and care about the most, Shizune, Sakura, or Naruto?

I don’t think she loves one more than the other, but she does it differently. Shizune is the niece of her beloved Dan, and it helped her to know she was honoring him by caring for Shizune. 

From the moment Tsunade left the village to her coming back and being Hokage, Shizune has been loyally by her side. Not only her first pupil but basically her niece and even like a daughter to her as she finished raising her. 

All those years away, Shizune was all she had, and she knew she cared about her. She was also the first student who shared her desire to help people through medical ninjutsu. With Sakura, she saw a lot of herself in her. 

When she returned to the village, one of the first young ones she saw to give her hope was Sakura. She trained Sakura and watched her reach her full potential as they shared both a desire to help people through medical ninjitsu and that monster’s strength. 

Tsunade knows if anyone can be as strong as her or even surpass her, it’s Sakura. Naruto also means a lot to her. Technically, they are distant cousins due to the Senju and Uzumaki being related. Naruto was the first hope she had for the future in a long time and the first person in a while she betted on. 

She saw in him her beloved Dan and Nawaki and wanted him to reach his dreams. He changes her and helps her decide to become Hokage. She can be hard on him, but that’s because she cares. She’d never let anyone else call her Grandma. 

She was proud to see him become Hokage and reach his dream, which was the dream of her boyfriend and little brother and the dream of her own. Naruto is like a little brother, son, godson, and grandson all rolled into one for her. Not to mention, she gave him her beloved necklace and kissed his forehead, which was an action she only did with Nawaki and Dan as well.

What is the relationship between Naruto and Tsunade?
What is the relationship between Naruto and Tsunade?

What if Naruto married Tsunade?

<squirms uncomfortably in his seat>

Thanks for the A2A, but BRUH, she’s almost 40 years his senior and has a body that’s prematurely aged even more than that due to the techniques she’s used.

That isn’t gangsta. She’s FAR closer to the end of her life than she is to the 20-something her constant transformation technique makes her look like. I would not be surprised if she died of natural causes during Boruto…though she is a top-caliber medical ninja and probably could endure longer than a real-life person.

Beyond that, Naruto has frequently called her Grandma and picked on her about her age, while she has commonly treated Naruto as a son more than anything else. They have a very familial relationship that’s already established and well-known. It would be tremendously odd for that to flip on its edge in a romantic way, particularly for everyone else around…

I mean, it’s legal, and there’s nothing wrong with marrying an older woman, but this particular pairing is pretty much a no-no on some level in just about any society. 

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Everything I have heard about romantic psychology suggests that if a woman is an adult and meets you before you are one, there’s no chance of romantic feelings for you ever developing after that. You might recall Naruto met Tsunade (already in her fifties!) when he was 12.

I don’t know where to go with this hypothetical, because she’s past the age where she can have kids. So there’s no offspring from this matchup with special abilities or anything – there would be no offspring at all.

So basically, you have a Hokage marrying a previous Hokage and likely taking care of her in her old age until she passes away… but no other really interesting lines of exploration, in my opinion.

Why does Tsunade like Naruto better than Sakura?

The foundation of their relationship. Why did Tsunade even take Sakura as an apprentice? It was Naruto. In the beginning, Tsunade really doesn’t like Sakura because she is infatuated with Sasuke.

Also, Sakura dismissed and hit Naruto, but later, as she showed her prowess in medical skills, Tsunade made her like a successor. 

Naruto is like Tsunade’s grandson and little brother. He convinced and inspired Tsunade; he actually lit her fire. that is why you can’t compare those two’s affection to Tsunade. It is apprentice vs family

What is the one reason Jiraiya threatened Tsunade?

He basically states it in the manga before he threatens her.

Because she was planning to meet Orochimaru and aid him in something (healing his hands) that would obviously endanger the village in the process.

In doing so, she would have betrayed what the Hokages stood for, especially Hiruzen, who gave up his life to save the village just recently from Orochimaru. She would have obviously betrayed her family and the whole village, also.

Aside from having the Will of Fire and knowing that Jiraiya was the student of Hiruzen and the teacher of the Fourth, who both gave up their lives for the safety of the village, it would obviously anger him to no end if Tsunade aids Orochimaru and give him the ability to to use jutsus again, she would be considered nothing more than a Nukenin who are generally killed by abandoning the village. He would hunt her down and kill her.

It is true that she withdrew from life as a ninja and departed from Konoha, but if she aids Orochimaru in any way (an enemy of Konoha), her status will change, and thus, she will be killed, as Jirai.


I don’t really know how he feels about her. He probably treated her as his boss and nothing more when he was a genin, and then he simply saw her as his predecessor when he became Hokage. 

However, I believe that Tsunade saw something more in him. To Tsunade, Naruto was the living incarnation of her brother’s and lover’s undying will to protect the village. We first saw that for real when he protected (or at least tried to protect) her from Kabuto and Orochimaru, even though they were clearly stronger.

What is the relationship between Naruto and Tsunade?

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