How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

There is no definitive answer to your question, as different rulers have claimed to rule all over the world at different times and places, but they have yet to achieve that feat. However, some rulers have come close to ruling over vast territories that span multiple continents and regions. Here are some examples of such rulers and their names:

Cyrus the Great (c. 600-530 BCE): He founded the Achaemenid Empire, which stretched from Iran to Central Asia and Egypt. He is considered one of the first rulers to promote religious tolerance and human rights in his empire.

Genghis Khan (c. 1162-1227 CE): He founded the Mongol Empire, one of history’s largest contiguous land empires. It extended from Central Asia to Central Europe and the Sea of Japan. He is regarded as one of history’s most influential and ruthless conquerors.

Süleyman the Magnificent (1494-1566 CE): He was the ruler of the Ottoman Empire, one of the most powerful and longest-lasting Islamic empires in history. It covered portions of three continents: Southeastern Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. He is known for his military, legal, and cultural achievements.

Charles V (1500-1558 CE): He was the Spanish Empire’s ruler, one of the first global empires in history. It spanned 5.3 million square miles and wielded tremendous economic and military power. He also inherited the Holy Roman Empire, which comprised much of Central Europe. He is known for his defense of Catholicism against Protestantism.

Queen Victoria (1819-1901 CE): She was the ruler of the British Empire, the largest empire in history by land area. It comprised nearly a quarter of the planet and an equal percentage of its population. She also reigned over many other territories that were part of what is known as the Commonwealth of Nations today. She is known for influencing culture, politics, and science during the Victorian era.

How many rulers ruled worldwide, and what are their names?

So far, there have been exactly 0 rulers to govern the world for any time.

Even the most prestigious and well-known rulers like Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, and Caesar still had the majority of the world to take over before the end of their reign. Only the British Empire has come closest to doing this, as it is the largest known empire to have existed.

If you want a different kind of global control, like cultural or ideological influence, look no further than mainstream rulers from all of the time, like the US. The Cold War has sought to shatter dictatorships and replace democracies worldwide. They have dissolved the most country governments in the world. But if you want to be more technical about democracy attribution, the Greek and Roman civilizations can also be selected.

As for culture, no one civilization or empire or dynasty could be attributed to the most culture adopted and used today, so even at that angle, one must see that, at least to the present day, there has never been any ruler of the world.

Who rules the world?

I’ve been waiting for this kind of question my entire….errr… Well, for a while! This is my moment. This is it! I finally get to use Game Of Thrones to explain politics on MBD Gift Gallery!

Let the Spider, Varys, do the talkin’.

“In a room sit three great men, a king, a priest, and a rich man with his gold. Between them stands a sellsword, a little man of common birth and no great mind. Each of the great ones bids him slay the other two. ‘Do it,’ says the king, ‘for I am your lawful ruler.’ ‘Do it,’ says the priest, ‘for I command you in the names of the gods.’ ‘Do it,’ says the rich man, ‘and all this gold shall be yours.’ So tell me – who lives and who dies?”

I love this quote. It makes one think about power and an individual’s relationship with it. When I first saw/heard this quote, my mind instantly raced to the rich man and his gold. But that seems like more of a reflection of my biases and time than anything else.

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How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

The way I see it, the answer to Varys’ question is more subtle than predicting who lives and who dies. The way I see it, it’s that man of common birth who holds all the power in that situation. No one will die if he does not listen to the priest, king, or banker. And if no one else listens to them, what power do they have?

People in power only enjoy it at our (the people’s) pleasure. King Louis’ power did not save his neck during the French Revolution. The Pope doesn’t own large swaths of Italy anymore. Not everyone can be bought for indecent sums of cash.

The answer to your question is that We rule the world. And the sooner We the People figure that out, the better off everyone will be. Power only resides where We think it resides.

Edit: From the messages I have been getting, many people think my views are unrealistic or foolish/naive. This goes to prove my point further. Come onWith that attitude; we would still believe in the Divine Right of kings to rule over us!

Who is the greatest political leader in the world, and why?

One of the greatest political leaders in the world is Mrs. Merkel.

She is the Chancellor of Germany, which exports 1,550 billion dollars annually.

Yet Merkel does not receive any free state service, housing, electricity, gas, water, or free telephone from the German budget, and this woman has the same rights and duties as an ordinary German citizen.

She does her shopping, pays for her groceries, and pays out of her own pocket if she buys a ticket.

A press reporter asked:

“Do you remember I took a picture of you in the same dress ten years ago?”

Merkel told him:

My mission is to serve the German people, not to be a model!

Angela Merkel faces the problems with an abiding sense of duty, humility, and profound optimism.

As she once said, “ Let us not ask what is wrong or what has always been. Let us first ask what is possible and look for something that has never been done.”

What do I need to study if I want to rule the world?
How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

What do I need to study if I want to rule the world?

Alien Technology and Yourself were my first two immediate thoughts.

It’s my early times, and this is one of the most thought-provoking questions I have encountered.

It can be deemed silly and rejected, philosophical and answered, and considered logical and can be attempted to argue with reasoning. I’ll walk the last way.

Let’s reason.

To answer your question, let’s make some assumptions:

  1. You are assuming your age to be 25. Unless we know how old you are, we wouldn’t know how much time you have to accomplish the feat.
  2. You are a graduate and have worked for a couple of years to understand the concepts of independence, dependence, society, system, government, sustainability, and economic classes.
  3. By ‘World,’ you mean the earth, with all its conscious beings, irrespective of their species, race, geography, gender, etc.
  4. As you have used ‘Rule’ in its verb form. It implies that you wish to control the ‘world completely,’ influence all beings’ choices, and decide on everybody’s behalf.

Given the above assumptions, let us try to identify a few figures that can be ‘case studies for you:

  1. Political Leaders: None from Alexander to Hitler to US Presidents could influence everyone in the ‘World,’ as there was always a section left that either disagreed with their principles, blatantly opposed them, or fought against them. Hence, they didn’t rule the ‘World’ but only a very small part of it. Keyword – Influence.
  2. Men of Science and Logic: Every theory once proposed or proved by someone was eventually refuted and revalidated or invalidated by someone else at some point in time. So clearly, even these people couldn’t decide for everyone and define their beliefs; hence, they didn’t rule the world. Keyword – Knowledge.
  3. Religious Leaders: People like the Pope, the Prophets, and the Dalai Lama, though they have a significant amount of knowledge and great influence, still can not unite everyone beyond certain limitations and hence don’t rule the world. Keyword – Unity.
  4. Religious, Historical, and mythological figures: Jesus, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Prophet Mohammed. All of them had certain disbelievers who were totally against their noble principles and values. So even they didn’t rule the world despite being believed to be God’s messengers, son, incarnations, or God Themself. Keyword – Omni-acceptance.

So, now let us understand what it is that can teach you or what it is that you can study to encompass all the above-identified traits:

How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

  • Study all Cultures, languages, and customs. Invent a new language, culture, and custom (best if you can invent a new religion altogether) that you can use to bind everyone.
  • Read all that you can in all disciplines. Start with the four Vedas and other spiritual and ancient texts. It will give you a fair understanding of all topics to some level. But don’t stop here; you’ll need to master everything further.
  • Follow the latest research on telepathy, telepresence, and astral projections. Offer yourself to be experimented upon. Or acquire these skills through other means, such as Yoga and Meditation.

You are given that you’re already 25 and do not have much time. Get started right away.

PS 1: [Logical Conclusion]: Since no one is known to rule the world so far. So, best of luck to you.

PS 2: [Humorous Conclusion]: Sleep. Create your world and rule within.

PS 3: [Food for thought]: LOVE can have all four traits. Embrace Love and rule.

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Who was the most evil ruler who walked on Earth?

Tamerlane (Timur Lenk)

Sorry for some Pan-Turkists who take pride in him. Because of the coincidence, the Muslims who like him call themselves Muslim.

And the lovers him from distant places who knew him from some fairy tales called historical paid works in their region or trying to find an identity and being proud of the most evil leader ever.

This guy is the epitome of evilness.

The creator of Satanist brutality hidden behind a so-called deteriorated religious ideology to serve his agenda but a distant soul that has no way lived anything regarding Islamic jurisprudence while killing his clerics frequently whenever it did not fit his agenda.

To see his destruction and listen to the stories, I would invite them any day to Anatolia to get them to where he raged his brutality step by step and show them what all happened to Mesopotamia, Persia, the Near East, and many more places.

It’s estimated that he has killed around 17 million people; some accounts go even further, and only the Anatolian peninsula has suffered more than 2 million deaths, which has changed history entirely.

I have seen here for years questions about the Ottomans and why they have killed with no conscience their own kids, sometimes in their birth beds, and talked about the brutality (when I always have a bitter smile on my face) when they have no idea what has brought the Anatolia to unite under a single empire afterward quickly.

Why has the psyche of any division resulted in so much cruelty and the constant mental health disturbing preparedness against the outsider and lasted until today? They have to understand the invasion of Anatolia back then from Timur and his destruction.

The reason why Timur became a much-admired figure was the shift of the Turkish revolution and the new nation/identity building during the early republic and the admiration of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, first because he admired his military skills and wanted to emulate him, at least from the strategic point and second, his ideas to create a more Turkic oriented history and the separation of multi-ethnic. 

How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

But I don’t think that Mustafa Kemal in any way admired his afterward actions, and it’s also not to be found in any works or documents.

Increasingly, this thought was slowly put aside in the mid-30s. Still, some influential pan-Turkist writers such as Nihal Atsız and similar took this to a new level while putting figures like Bayezid and Timur at equal value, which we see even today when people still consider Yavuz and Shah Ismail the same when they don’t want to understand how poisonous the latter with his actions in eastern Anatolia was and what led Yavuz becoming such cruel and ruthless in repelling it.

However, I don’t want to make it long, but to this guy, I will never forgive this, neither from a Turkish perspective nor from a Muslim or a human perspective.

Timur was the most brutal and poisonous person in history, who not only destroyed the homeland of Anatolia for the Turks and many other ethnicities but also the one who has completed the destruction started by the Buddhist Hülagü Khan in the Islamic Golden Age and the reformist Islam.

When you today are disturbed by a changed Islam and discuss why it could not reform itself, trace it back to the destruction of the most scientific and Sufist Islamic centers from their armies, even when that was not their direct target, but the vacuum that has led ISIS rise in Iraq and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and spread all over the world because of the destruction of the U.S.

Hülagüs and Timur’s armies created such a power vacuum and civil war situations that radicalization rose all over these places and even resulted in the change of Ottoman principles of Islam, which later shaped the future.

How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

What will you do if you become ruler of the whole world?

It will be a great opportunity to make Earth a lovely village. Due to 216 boundaries, many people are dying due to poverty, so we can make a proper food chain system. We can also prevent human rights violations in different parts of the world.

Since I am the ruler of the world, there will never be a boundary dispute; all people will be allowed to go freely anywhere.

There is an unequal distribution of population on Earth; if we make colonies and do forestation scientifically, then there is no need to go to Mars and build Colonies there because making one place heaven is a better idea than investing in two different places and again creating a gap between people.

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Is it possible for one person to rule the world?
How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

Is it possible for one person to rule the world?

Absolutely. It won’t be an easy task, but it’s possible. Let’s assume that some totalitarian dictator has conquered the world. Let’s call them The Overlord. Many readers can see the resemblance between Hitler’s and Kim’s dynasties.

So, how do dictators keep control in their hands? They must have henchmen, and they must provide for them. The henchmen must feel that they are respected and needed. They must feel the wealth pouring in for unconditional loyalty. They must have privileges that general people don’t have. 

Kim’s family, Hitler, and every other dictator understood this. Kim regularly offers luxurious presents for his generals so they will think twice, even if they intend to make a coup. “Will a coup be more beneficial for me than his presents?” will go through every head inside the brown general’s hat.

How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

The Overlord must install puppet systems for every country and region, keeping the minions (army generals, local governers) happy and wealthy. The people are not as important in the eyes of The Overlord so that extra taxation could be applied to the masses for the sake of minions’ happiness. 

Meanwhile, all the henchmen enjoy greater liberties and luxurious lifestyles their previous life didn’t provide them. If the minions feel it’s in their own interests to stay loyal to The Overlord, they will follow orders.

That’s how it works. The Overlord graciously provides for the henchmen. The henchmen, who want to keep their lifestyle, will follow any order their lord has given and make sure it will be executed properly. Their subordinates will then take care of things at the microscopic level, such as rebellion and protests.

Who were the most brutal Muslim rulers in India?

Going by written records, we can declare Ghiyas-ud-Din Muhammad Damghani as the most vicious, sadist, cruel, and brutal Muslim ruler who ruled Madurai briefly.

He enjoyed flaying (meaning skinning alive) people’s lives and kept them with their families in the public square; jaggery water would be poured on the victim, and sacks filled with ants would be dropped on that hapless victim. This is recorded as a heroic deed when he captured and tortured Ballala, the Hoysala king of Dwarasamudra, Karnataka.

He had painstakingly castigated all the noblemen, ministers, and officers of the Hoysala Kingdom. He impaled them (meaning inserting a blunt spear from the anus and planting the spear, allowing the body weight to tear slowly and die due to gravity). There are no exact numbers of deaths, but his entire rein was filled with impaled bodies in all the villages.

This barbaric ruler occupies a unique place since he tortured and killed public people (not his enemies or local rajas and noblemen); he killed for fun and as a game. I have avoided writing most of his brutal, sadistic antics since they are too inhuman to describe, much worse than your worst imagination.

How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

Which country is or was capable of conquering the entire world by itself?

Ok. I’m going to make an unpopular vote. Still, I believe that there has only been one country in the history of the world, and only at one particular time, that ever had a shot at conquering the entire world, and that was only the briefest and most tenuous of shots:

The United States of America in 1942–1948

If, in this hypothetical scenario, the U.S. decided in WWII to take on the entire world in the most devious and sadistic way possible, we would have had only the slimmest of possibilities.

In 1942, the USSR was fully retreating from the Nazis and being pummeled. Stalin had to remove factories and move them past the Urals. The lifeline outside of the unbelievable bravery and fortitude of the Soviet people was the Lend-Lease Act. 

If the U.S. had suddenly pulled the Lend-Lease in 1942 and left the Russians to fend for themselves at this critical time while simultaneously cranking the military machine to maximum and advancing the war in our interests only, we would have severely weakened the Russians, as they were weakening the Germans. 

The Germans would have taken Russia and, at the same time, overextended themselves. Armies at the end of an aggressive and costly war of expansion and conquest are usually weakened, not strengthened.

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How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

We deal with the Japanese in our way and continue the fight into China, Manchuria, and Eastern Russia with the full support of Chang Kai-Shek (admittedly the biggest weakness in this scenario), and then submit him and the Middle Kingdom to our will.

Simultaneously, we trick the Turks into joining us as a puppet nation with promises of the Black Sea as a prize and take the oil fields at Baku, liberate Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia, where we set up air bases.

At this point, we have nuclear weapons, which we use with impunity on Berlin, cutting the head off the serpent. Since we already own the Baku oil fields, the German army will ride back to Hun-land on their pack horses, their formidable Panzers rusting on the Georgian mud.

Moscow and Russia’s remaining manufacturing centers are next, as all the Bolshevik fears come true in the Nuclear Fission fire. We let their troops starve in the burned-out grasslands of Eastern Europe and freeze in the ensuing winters.

We then take care of anyone in China who opposes us and selectively in South America if they do not at once capitulate. South East Asia we have already conquered with help from the Japanese softening-up.

It’s 1948, and we are holding a nuclear bomb over any country that doesn’t come to heel. Spain, the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and South America would be considered vassals for natural resources and labor.

Once settled, we declare a world order that places us at the top and forces our closest allies, Canada, Britain, Mexico, France, and Australia, to capitulate for their protection.

It would have lasted about ten years. We would be the most hated regime in human history.

How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?
How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

NOTE: Thanks for all the passion! Sorry, so many of you equate my hypothetical scenario with political reality.

There is no way this ridiculous scenario is sustainable, but no nation could sustain such a silly notion as forcibly conquering the world!

I am simply stating that the opportunity to have the only shot in world history was there. It had less than a 5% chance of success, but more than any other moment in history!

No ancient civilization could have done it, considering logistics. No European WWII country could have done it, considering the USA’s presence. The Islamic world never had a shot; the Chinese were always too insular. The Mongols had no navy to do it, and the Japanese were too jingoistic, racially paranoid, and weak.

Please refrain from turning this into a political discussion, as you will only get crickets from me. This is HYPOTHETICAL.

Does every country want to take over the world?

No. Even the cruel Nazi Germany decide not to take South France and create a puppet Vichy France government instead.

In the modern era, military invasion and settlement of large areas are costly. It’s much better to trade or become allies with other countries today.

How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

Do humans own the planet Earth?

No. Bacteria and viruses outnumber us all, are indifferent to us all, and can kill all of us. Humans cannot make oxygen, so we are entirely dependent on plants. We cannot manufacture all the nutrients we need independently and would die without other organisms.

Humans cannot live in water independently. The majority of the planet is underwater. Being intelligent doesn’t mean we are smart.

Has anyone tried to conquer the world?

Yes, many people have tried. Thousands of years ago, people thought the world was smaller, so their “world” wasn’t as big as ours today. For example, in ancient Mesopotamia, the ancient peoples didn’t know that the Earth was round and that many cultures existed worldwide. So when Sargon the Great conquered most of it in the second millennium B.C., he conquered all of the known world.

Similarly, Alexander the Great and the Romans both amassed large empires that would have been close to the size of the known world in their day.

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Could one country rule the whole world one day?

No, it cannot. For that to happen, the whole world is to be captured. Many have tried previously to conquer the whole world and failed. Alexander tried but did not succeed. The Ottomans tried and failed. The Mongolian hordes did their best but needed to improve their aim. 

The U.S. is trying to do so with its military power through NATO, the Quad, and other such alliances, but Russia and China are preventing it. China has now embarked on taking over the world through economic power and its OBOR initiative. The U.S. is standing firmly against its ambitions.

The world is too diverse culturally, ethnically, religiously, and historically to ever agree to be ruled by one government. Recently, the trend globally has been toward nationalism. E.U. is breaking up. Even the integrity of the U.K. is threatened by the Scottish vote. The USSR collapsed. Yugoslavia broke up into several countries. We should prepare ourselves to break down large countries into several smaller ones.

How many rulers ruled all over the world and what are their names?

What would you do if you ruled the world for one year?

Sadly, very little can be completed in 12 months globally. But projects to get started might include:

  • (obviously) nuclear, biological, and chemical disarmament
  • throwing enormous funding at new energy sources like atmospheric electricity
  • also throwing silly amounts of funding at cancer research
  • Stopping deforestation and oceanic pollution
  • Partnering first world nations with third world nations to get water to key areas, create drought resistant agriculture & stable security in those regions
  • mobilizing China’s huge armed forces to stamp out ISIS & Taliban controlled territories
  • executing every convicted paedophile on the planet

Little projects like that…

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