How bad is whipping with an electrical cord?

How bad is whipping with an electrical cord?

Omg. It is pretty intense and worse. I was spanked by an extention cord a couple of times during my teenage years, mostly between the ages of 14 and 19. When I did very bad things in school or with my younger brother and at home, I got this punishment. 

Upto age 17, I had to take off my pants and lie on the bare bottom of my bed. My hands have to be straight and not touch the bottom; otherwise, the whipping count starts to gain. In one session, I used to get 20 to 30 lashes and 1 hour of corner time. 

I was not able to sit properly for the next two days. The mark of whipping stays for months. Sometimes, new marks come before the old one goes. After age 17, I stopped to take off my pants and was instructed to take off my shirt. 

Now, I had to bend to bed and be tied to the bed head frame with a belt. Then I get lashes on my bare back. It was very painful, and I regret not taking off my pants. Trust me, the cord on the bottom is easier than the back, where Mark lasted nearly a couple of years. 

So definitely, when I received my last punishment at 19, My back was full of marks. That is the reason I couldn’t go to swimming class. I had my first sex at age 23, and my girlfriend inquired about the light mark on my back. When I told the truth, she laughed at me and pranked me to get more if I didn’t behave.

How bad is whipping with an electrical cord?

Pretty bad. While whipping, several things affect the sensation. One of them is the weight per length of the instrument. Because of the metal core, electrical cords have a high weight per length.

That allows a lot of impact energy to be stored in it.

That, combined with the very high elasticity of such an instrument, it sticks well to the skin and, combined with the smooth surface of most plastic claddings, makes it a feared spanking instrument.

I’m 13. My mom whoops me with an extension cord once it leaves bruises, and I still have the scars. Is this abuse?

Yes, it is. When I was a child (6 years old), I had a problem with wetting the bed at night. Every morning, I got ten licks with a belt; if I didn’t do something right, I got another ten licks with the belt. I still remember one time, after being “punished, “I looked at my bottom, and it was black and blue (more black than blue). 

Even then, I thought it was pretty hard to bruise that part of the body. As an adult, I realised that my parents were abusive to us as kids. There is punishment, and then there’s abuse, and if your mom is leaving physical scars on you, then it is abuse—hugs to you and your situation.

How bad is whipping with an electrical cord?

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How long does it take for extension cord whipping marks to go away?

This will always cause bruising. Where the superficial (close to the surface of our skin) veins and capillaries break and leak blood into the tissues).

Depends on how hard they swung it. Was it male or female?

I’ll give a few versions.

If the skin wasn’t broken,…. and you have bruising straight away, dark purple to black (on white skin), it will take 4–6 weeks, and you can be left with two more weeks of green/yellow tinge.

Darker skin bruises appear visually to disappear faster than white skin but are no less painful.

How bad is whipping with an electrical cord?

Dark skin presents bruising on the colour spectrum as it is more difficult to see the brutality of the hit.

I have always been taught that if you can see bruises on dark-skinned people, it is the same as being bashed SO very hard, and the bruises are noticeable to a whiter person.

This may sound not very clear. As an ICU and ED nurse, I’m trained to try and distinguish what I see and guess the brutality of the damage to people’s outer skin. Therefore, we can try to ascertain the internal damage, if any.

But an electrical cord ??

Depends on the strength and hatred felt by the ass hole wielding it.

Today, I got hit with an extension cord, which left a bruise. Is that normal?

Bruises are normal, especially after being hit with an object. My question for you is whether you were hit accidentally or deliberately. It is unacceptable for someone to hit you, especially with an object. I wonder if you are safe. 

If you are a minor being abused, please talk to a safe adult- a teacher, friend, or someone. If you are an adult and you are being abused, seek help. There are domestic violence programs offering shelter and other services all over. 

They offer shelter, counselling, and assistance with making safety plans, including safe plans for getting away from the person hurting you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

What hurts the most, being hit with a stick or a whip?

A whip, most likely. The damage a stick does depends on the mass of the stick, the weight, width, how hard it was swung and what part of your body was struck. A whip is capable of breaking the sound barrier. How does this this work? 

When a whip is swung, kinetic energy moves along its thong, which progressively tapers, with the cracker being its thinnest part, until it reaches the cracker where it achieves speeds of 700+ miles per hour (the speed of sound) and breaks the sound barrier just when it is about to be at a fully extended position and as a result makes the distinct cracking noise we know. 

Now, imagine that cracker, a thin and short piece of nylon or kevlar, hitting your skin at the speed of sound. Getting beaten to death with a stick is painful, but getting lashed with a whip hurts like hell and takes way longer to kill you.

How bad is whipping with an electrical cord?

What is it like to be spanked with the belt buckle?

I have never been spanked with a belt buckle. However, I think it must be torture. I think spanking kids and teenagers with belt buckles is child abuse. I don’t mind parents using the leather side to spank, but not the buckle.

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Were you spanked with a belt, extension cord or whip in childhood?

The first time I remember being spanked with a belt, I think I was around 3, and it continued until I was in my teens, when other forms of discipline took over.

Before you scream “child abuse”, let me explain how I was spanked.

When I was younger (around 2 to about 8 or 9 years old), I had a discipline chart taped to the back of my door. It outlined the discipline I would receive for the wrong thing I did, and my parents always abided by it. 

When I asked my mom about it several years ago, she said, “It was for our benefit. You knew what would happen if you disobeyed, and if I were mad at you, I wouldn’t discipline you too harshly – the chart kept me honest.”

(The chart they used, with their disciplines filled in.)

  • My parents always made sure I was “safe” when they were spanking me: they would tell me not to move once I was bent over (so they wouldn’t miss and hit my legs or back by accident), they would wait long enough between spanks so it wouldn’t bruise or even be red, and they would shift the spot they spanked slightly if I was getting more than a couple of spanks for the same reason.
  • My parents always told me afterwards that they still loved me, and I had to get a hug from them afterwards (even when I was mad and wouldn’t want one from them.)
  • My parents would also regularly sit me down afterwards and explain to me the difference between “discipline” and “punishment” and how the spankings I got were “discipline” and were only done because they loved me and wanted me to grow up to act right.
  • If the spanking ever went wrong (the belt slipped, etc.), my parents would immediately stop, apologize, tell me that was not the correct way to discipline me, and then tell me they loved and hugged me. (That only happened once or twice, I think, and they were because I failed to listen to their instructions and moved around)

How bad is whipping with an electrical cord?

Were you spanked with a belt, extension cord or whip in childhood?

Did I enjoy the spankings, then? Heck no!

Do I see the merit in them now? Yes, absolutely. I’m thankful my parents spanked me because it helped curb my disobedience and teach me how to act – and those lessons come in handy now that I’m on my own at college.

Will I spank my kids in the future? Some kids don’t respond well to spanking as a form of discipline, so I’d have to see. But, if those kids are anything like me, then yes – I’ll use the chart my parents used to keep me accountable and do the same things they did – even hugging my kids afterwards (much as they might try to squirm away because they are mad at me).

I know some people say spanking is a form of child abuse, and they’re half-right – it can be child abuse, but only if it’s done wrong: if the child develops bruises and sores as a result, if the spankings aren’t consistent and are done in fits of anger, etc.

However, with proper measures in place, spanking can be a useful tool and with very little pain (that lasts about 10 seconds in total, as I recall), can help instruct a child how they should behave.

What’s the right way to discipline your kids without causing harm?

Respectfully guiding a child is the way to go. I began with my first child when she was five months old. As soon as they can sit up, it is natural for them to reach for things. Everything is brand new and fascinating. 

When she reached for something she should not touch, I calmly shook my head and gently brought her hand back while saying, “Ah, ah” ( meaning “no”). I refrained from using the word “no.” I then allowed her to touch it with my hand guiding hers. This showed her she could only touch it with Mommy’s hands.

Anything dangerous, such as “hot,” was said with eyes wide, a dramatic look and an appropriate head shake. This happened several times. To my surprise, one day, she reached for something on the coffee table, looked at me, and then vigorously shook her head, saying, “Ah, ah.” I couldn’t contain my excitement. 

I never had to remove anything from the coffee table, like my friends had to do. Wherever we went, my daughter knew to avoid touching things on tables. That began her learning to listen to Mommy. As she got older, I used appropriate language, speaking softly and respectfully. 

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How bad is whipping with an electrical cord?

Of course, every child is different, but I used the same approach with all my children. Later, as a foster mother of special needs children for twenty years, I dealt with serious challenges. 

My foster baby had developmental delays and was medically fragile. I used the same approach with him and never had a problem. Today, he is a respectful and well-loved young man. I had to be creative with those who came as older children, having been seriously abused, neglected, or in foster care for years. 

Their language, behaviour, and experiences were often shocking. When two or more were verbally abusive or aggressive, I had them sit at the big dining table, handing each other pencils and paper. They had to put what they had to say on paper without using vile language or insults. Each child got to read their statements while everyone listened, and then the other child had to answer again respectfully.

How bad is whipping with an electrical cord?

Their writing became humorous, and we would all begin to laugh. During a parent-teacher conference for one of the kids, her teacher excitedly told me how her writing had improved. With a very violent child, I had to let him physically vent his rage as long as he did not do it to another person. I allowed him, once, to throw a bike across the long hallway. 

He allowed us to stand behind him so no one would get hurt. When I said “go,” that bike flew down the hall, bending when it hit the wall. The child who the bike belonged to got a new bike. The kid never desired to threaten anyone in the house again. Sometimes, I had long talks with my kids. That, they hated. 

That would happen when I was really upset. If I said, “Give me ten minutes without talking,” they knew this was serious. Mom is pissed. Then, I’d go into a talk about how disappointed I was in them. My daughter says, “I would have preferred you beat me than to tell me that.” I laugh because she has no idea what it feels like to get a beating. That was more devastating than getting a beating, according to her. But for me, it got the point across.

Conclusion: How bad is whipping with an electrical cord?

This is one of the most painful whippings I ever received. My mom used a telephone wire to whip me on several occasions. This left deep red welts and some cutting. When she whipped me, it was my legs, arms, back, stomach and chest.

I only got spanked with an extension cord once, and it hurt like, you know what? Yes, it was bare-bottomed. The marks left, or the welts, were there for several days.

There are several possible answers to this question, as the severity of whipping with an electrical cord depends on several factors, including the thickness and material of the cord, as well as how much force is applied.

However, given that electrical cords are designed to carry electricity, using them for whipping could result in serious injuries, such as burns or even death.

How bad is whipping with an electrical cord?

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