What does “This is my 13th reason” mean?

What does “This is my 13th reason” mean?

“This is my 13th reason” is a phrase that likely refers to the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” The show is based on a novel of the same name by Jay Asher and tells the story of a high school student named Hannah Baker, who dies by suicide and leaves behind 13 cassette tapes, each detailing why she decided to take her own life.

The phrase “This is my 13th reason” could be used differently depending on the context. Still, it may indicate that the person speaking has experienced or is currently experiencing a difficult situation or series of events that they feel is similar to the reasons Hannah Baker cites on the tapes. It could also suggest that the person is referencing the show or book and using the phrase to express their feelings or experiences in a way that relates to the story.

What does “This is my 13th reason” mean?

People got it from the show “13 Reasons Why,” it’s about a girl who makes tapes, and each tape is a reason why she killed herself. There are 13 reasons, so there are 13 tapes anyway. Here’s an example: a person is super unhappy with life, and something bad happens to them, so if they say, “This is my 13 reason, “they mean it’s their 13 reasons for wanting to commit (suicide).

“This is my 13th reason” refers to the show 13 Reasons Why, about a girl named Hannah Baker who killed herself and left behind 13 tapes explaining why she did it. The phrase means that whatever you’re using it about was the final straw** in making you want to kill yourself. 

It could also imply that bad things happen in threes or that one should be careful when considering actions that could have negative consequences. Some people also believe that the number 13 is unlucky, so the 13th reason could be seen as a warning against taking unnecessary risks.

In “13 Reasons Why,” what does Hanna mean by setting her epitaph as “Don’t try”?

Hannah did not want to set her epitaph as ‘Don’t try’. She wondered what would be on hers once she passed away.

‘Don’t try’, as Hannah explained at the end of S01E06, was a 2-word quote by Charles Bukowski. Bukowski was a German-born American poet, novelist, and short story writer. His writing was influenced by the social, cultural, and economic ambience of his home city of Los Angeles.

Many people wonder what “Don’t Try” means on Bukowski’s grave marker. The origin of the inscription can be found in an interview with Linda Bukowski conducted by Mike Watt in the San Pedro zine The Rise and the Fall of the Harbor Area:

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As for what it means, he explained:

“Somebody asked me: “What do you do? How do you write, create?” You don’t, I told them. You don’t try. That’s very important: not to try, either for Cadillacs, creation or immortality. You wait, and if nothing happens, you wait some more. It’s like a bug or an insect high on the wall. You wait for it to come to you. When it gets close enough, you reach out, slap and kill it. Or if you like its looks, you make a pet out of it.”

What does “This is my 13th reason” mean?

So, the inference is Hannah compared this aspect of Bukowski’s thought with hers. She did not want to try anything creative out of her deteriorating life. 

She just wanted to wait and see things around and let them happen independently. To see how people interact with her without her much trying. That way, she will know how much others need her and how much she needs others.

She hoped that ‘Don’t try’ would not be written on her grave too.

Is 13 Reasons Why relatable?

No. I lived a horrible life; I was bullied throughout school for being of a different ethnicity. I live in an incredibly racist environment in a different country. Racism is encouraged by the government; that’s how bad things are. I still never considered killing myself, partly because I was religious during those years and suicide is forbidden in Islam.

I’ve been an atheist for four years. My journey to “enlightenment” led me to pursue science and logic, which made me realize that my god was a lie. Years of asking questions about existence have led me to conclude that life is brutal, pointless, and not worthy of respect; all forms of life, not just humans. I became very light-skinned. The littlest injustice I see makes me insane, and suicidal thoughts flood my brain for days.

The realization that everything good we do as people is just satisfying our ego through others, most often others who are suffering. Combined with the crushing realization that life means nothing, it’s something you can’t come back from.

What does “This is my 13th reason” mean?

From that day on, my life has been completely grim. I struggle to convince myself that suicide isn’t the most logical thing to do with everything that I’ve seen in my life: war, death.. so much death, being bullied and hated in school for being someone with a different skin tone and a temporary residency ID instead of a citizen’s ID.

None of that made a dent in my optimistic outlook on life, but thoughts completely shattered me. A pen is truly mightier than a sword.

Sorry, I drifted off-topic here. Considering that I’ve been through a lot and that didn’t make me suicidal, that makes Hannah very unrelatable to me; however, she does say something that I extremely relate to; when she talked to the counsellor, she told him that she feels nothing. 

That’s how I have been feeling for a very long time, just nothing. Interestingly, sadness didn’t make her kill herself, but emptiness did. Or at least that’s what I concluded.

What can we expect from “13 Reasons Why,” season 2? What happens in the book?

Well, I’ll love it if this happens in season 2!

  • They should reveal that Hannah never died: “SHE FAKED HER DEATH” and started living somewhere else with another identity.
  • After listening to all the cassettes, Clay gets “some clue that Hannah is alive “(I don’t know how, but somehow he figures it out! :p ) and then starts finding her by tracing every clue.
  • Meanwhile, they should show how all the other characters changed and what consequences they faced! “This could be a kind of negative effect of cassettes” (feeling guilty).
  • Meanwhile, Clay finds her footage or something in CCTV cameras and gets some hope.!

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What does the phrase “I make my luck” mean?

Most believe in fate, a destiny that decides our future, however much we may toil for our career, position & money!

But I strongly believe karma decides & results in our changing of destiny. Our mental makeup, positivity, intuition, zeal & enthusiasm shape our future.

We can steer our path in the desired direction if we are fiercely determined.

Nature starts moving in its direction to fulfil our deepest desires and dreams, so long as we strongly believe we can achieve our goals. Watch the documentary “The Secret” & you will know what I mean.

So go out there, believe truly, and strive for the best & you will make your luck work for you!!

What does “a very strong day” mean?

It tends to be motivational. I’ve heard it used in a sales context, where you want to have a “strong day” of sales.

Also, there is an apparel company called Strongday Apparel with the tag line: “Strength is earned one day at a time – HAVE A STRONG DAY.®”

So, in comparison to “a strong day,” a “very strong day” would be an especially productive day in which you succeeded or persevered about your goals, whatever they might be.

There may be other, more specific meanings, but my answer is for the broader use of the term.

What does this mean, “What if we rewrite the stars”?

“What if we rewrite the stars?”

What if we change our destiny and make our life go how we want it to?

What if we decide that fate is not fixed and we can write our fate?

What if we can change the course of the stars that govern our lives in the direction we want?

What if we can mould our lives and not depend on the stars?

Here, the stars symbolise fate. Rewriting the stars means to change your fate.

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What does the lyric “Let’s Marvin Gaye and Get It On” mean?

“Let’s Marvin Gaye and Get It On” coordinates Marvin Gaye’s explicit sexual songs like sexual healing and Let’s Get In On. From what I can deduce from the lyrics, Charlie the musician, I wanted to use Marvin Gaye to reference his song. 

“You’ll find lyrics like …just like they say in the song, “Until the Dawn,” lets Marvin Gaye get it on. “The referenced lyric ‘Until the Dawn’ is a lyric from Marvin Gaye’s song “Let’s Get It On”. 

To not confuse you further, Charlie is that one fan of Marvin Gaye who decided to do a lyric collaboration with him; hence, let’s get it on is the fusion of Marvin Gaye’s sexual songs and Charlie Puth’s authentic song. I think it was a great idea; in the end, it has the same meaning: Let’s have sex, lol.

What does “This is my 13th reason” mean?

What does “back nine of your life” mean?

In the game of golf, the “front nine” is your entry in the competition of 18 rounds. Like life, your early years are all about finding yourself or realizing what you want so you can start living your life based on your decisions and plans. The time after that is the actual living of your life, education, marriage, children, making money, surviving, etc.

You play the “front nine” and rest in the pocket of your choices, but the “back nine” should be all of the things you have been through drawing to a conclusion and tying up all of the loose ends for either your children or joining your partner/spouse in retirement. 

The first nine holes on a course are usually the harder ones, so the last nine holes are a little easier because you made it through that front nine.

The back nine is the end of the competition, where you learn if you had the best score and played well. Some people get everything they set out to do done, while others still have a lot of “figuring out” to do before they can see their lives in the light of where they are ending.

Or if you play Putt-Putt (see how old I am) or carpet golf, when you put on the 18th hole, your ball goes into the hole and is not retrievable. It drops into a holding basket, and you add up your score to see who won. There are no do-overs on the putting holes when you hit 18, so you must ensure you have done it correctly before you hit the last putt. On the back nine, your true score is known.

What does “This is my 13th reason” mean?

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