Has anyone ever farted on your face?

Has anyone ever farted on your face?

I was sitting on the couch with my sister, watching the television, and because we would often annoy each other on the couch, we had to stay on our sides. It was quite late at night, and at the time, I was only about 10, so I was tired, but I wanted to show my sister that I was a big boy and that I could stay up late.

Being tired, I forgot about the rule and decided to lie down across the couch, but as soon as my feet touched my sister, I realized my mistake. She got up and sat on my stomach and yelled, “GET OFF MY SIDE NOW!” I was squirming around, and she told me to stop; I didn’t stop, so she sat on my Face. 

I stopped squirming, hoping that she would get off, but she didn’t. Instead, she lifted her ass a few cm above my Face, lowered her pants and panties and farted bare asses into my Face. 

I was grossed out by this and tried yelling at her to get off, but her ass muffled the sound, and all it achieved was opening my mouth, which she farted directly into. She stayed on for about 5 minutes, only letting me breathe through my half-blocked nose until my mum came down the stairs and saw this. 

She told my sister to get off, but my sister replied that I wanted it, so my mum was convinced and went back upstairs to her bedroom; she said that we had to go to bed in 5 minutes, which I was relieved at. After another 5 minutes of tasting my sister’s farts, she got off, and I went to bed.

I hated this experience at the time, but a few days later, I realized that I liked it. But I knew my sister would only do it if she thought it was a punishment for me, so I would annoy her until she would do it again!

Has anyone ever farted on your Face?

Yes, someone has. Actually, many times. My step-sister always did this to me when I was younger. One time, she called my stepmom and said that I had been a bad boy. (At this time, I was 13)

When my stepmom heard that, she said, “Boy, you know you’re dad left for one week, and that is my time now. I’m in control.” I was scared of what she would do. My step-sister was 15, and my step mom was 32. They were both hot as hell. She then said we are going to wrestle. Me against my step-sister and mom.

I already knew I was going to lose. My stepmom then threw me on the ground. She Said to my step-sister. Sit on his belly. She then did.

My stepmom then Said, “I know you gonna like this” Then her ass was on my Face. Then Said, “Point your nose up in my ass, or else you will see” At first, I thought she didn’t mean it, but when I turned my Face. She took my head and put it in her ass. Then she farted. It smelled bad; then it was my sister’s turn to fart as stepmom went to the bathroom.

My step-sister sat on my face and farted. She was stronger, so when her ass was on my Face. I just did as I was told. She farted and farted for 20 minutes, then my stepmom came back. She said, “Get off him,” I thought it was it. No, as I sat up, her ass was on my Face again.

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Next, say at School when all the students have left. My hot teacher said she wanted to talk under four eyes. When we were alone, She said she was a friend of my stepmom. 

She then asked if I could help her with her heels. I did. I helped her as I tried to get up. She pushed my face in her ass and farted. I was in her ass for about 2 hours. It was good. Then She said, “Next time, just ask for more.”

Have you ever had your face farted on?


My older brother was taking a nap, and I had to fart, so I knew it would be the perfect opportunity, so I walked over to him. Put my butt on his face and farted, and ran away. I then went into our shared room and locked the door. He pounded on it and yelled, then he left. Then I heard the door knob move, and he came barging in after he picked the lock.

I knew I was done for

He tackled me to the ground and sat on my face, and proceeded to fart several times. Then my mom heard the commotion and walked in on us mid-fart and asked

“Kyle, why are you farting on your little brother’s face?”

My brother replied, “He farted on my face first.”

She then asked me if it was true, and I felt that honesty would get me out of this situation.

Barely able to get words out as my brother’s butt muffled them, I said


Then there was a second or two of silence, and my mother walked in and sat down and said

“Proceed” to my brother

She then watched him rip farts directly on my face for like 10 minutes as I was in tears.

Has anyone ever farted on your face?

Has anyone farted in your face?

I was stressing about homework to a friend, and I was going crazy. He is usually good at calming me down, so I trusted him.

“Calm down. Just lie down and close your eyes. Practice your breathing, let your brain shut off and relax,” he said.

So I did. I lay down and closed my eyes. Immediately after I did this, he slammed his ass onto my face.

“Jeez, your trousers stink!” I said.

“Oh, you think I’m wearing trousers?” he said, laughing.

To my horror, I opened my eyes to find my nose nestled in his crack. He then placed his butthole over my mouth before releasing a wave of gaseous shit from his behind down my throat like a chute.

“That’ll shut you up!” he remarked.

And it did; it probably didn’t help that I couldn’t move my mouth from underneath his arse for the next few hours and thought.

Has anyone ever farted on your face?
Has anyone ever farted on your face?

Have you ever gotten a fart on your face, or have you ever farted on someone’s face?

Yes, to the first one. My sister has farted on my face many times, just yesterday, in fact. She was home for the weekend from college, and I was in her room talking and chilling with her. She kept letting cute little farts out that I really wanted to smell.

I told her to stop farting (playfully) because they stunk. She replied by pushing me and wrestling me on her bed and sitting high on my chest to pin my arms. She teased me, asking, “Oh, my farts smell, yeah?” She did a little hop forward to sit on my face and let another cute one out. “How about now?” She asked.

She sat in a frontal position which made it a little harder to smell her farts, but at least I had a nice view.

Has anyone ever farted on your face?

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Have you ever farted on someone’s face before?

I have many times, but there’s one specifically. I was 13, and my stepbrother was 9. I was at a sleepover with my other friends for just the night. My parents picked me up and brought me home. After that, both of them went out to pick up dinner. I went to my room to lie down. 

But when I opened the door, I saw my brother and his other friend. I told them to leave because I had no idea why they were in there in the first place. A couple of minutes later, I saw my things were touched. They ate snacks, dropped crumbs, and moved things in my room. 

It made me mad, but I noticed someone touched my phone and mixed some of my makeup. This infuriated me. I thought of telling Mom and Dad, but they won’t punish us. The most they do is maybe put us in a corner. So I thought of confronting him myself. 

I ignored my brother and his friend until after dinner. Mom ordered two Bean and Cheese Burritos with broccoli on the side. I was hungry, so I ate everything, but I regretted it when, 2 hours later, my stomach hurt very bad. I went back up to my room when I was reminded of what they had done. 

I had an idea to humiliate my brother. He was playing a game, and his friend was watching him play, so I quietly snuck in. I tapped on his shoulder, and he jumped. I told him to apologize or else. I’m guessing he wanted to impress his friend, so he got up and pushed me on the ground. 

Has anyone ever farted on your face?

After that, I grabbed his torso, threw him on the ground, and sat down on his face. His friend was laughing at him until he heard my stomach rumbling. I told my stepbrother this is what he gets, and I started to fart. It didn’t smell good for me, so I couldn’t imagine what he smelled. His friend had to leave the room because of the smell. 

I didn’t know if he was breathing, so I moved my butt to his mouth so I could see his teary eyes. I told him if he ever pissed me off again, this would happen again. My stomach kept rumbling all night. He dealt with my gas for maybe 2–3 Hours. 

His friend came back in and tried to pull me off, but my butt was stuck in his face. I eventually got up, but I wanted to have one last laugh. I told him if he sticks his tongue out and does one lick, I’ll get up. 

He didn’t stick it out, so I was sitting on him for maybe an hour. I told him, “Stick your tongue out, or I will do this every day.” He quickly stuck it out and let one last one out. I think it might have all gone down his mouth because he immediately threw up. I got off of him, and his friend helped him up.

After that, he said his friend had the snacks, and his friend never came back after that.

Have your loved one’s ever farted on your face?

Yes, I have two sisters who are twins. They are called Erika and Mia. They both like to fart on my face. They think it’s funny. Sometimes one will pin me down the other will sit on me and fart and say, Oh, you like that?

And I say No, I don’t like that, but they don’t stop. Once, they both sat on my face at once, and they’d been eating cabbage for dinner, and I had to breathe in their farts which smelled like cabbage. How do I get them to stop? It’s like bullying. They do it in front of my friends, and my friends make fun of me because Mya sisters boss me around.

Has anyone ever farted in your face bare bottom?

My friends, my siblings- I know a lot of disgusting people.

Last year, on Mother’s Day, all my mum wanted was for my sister to cook dinner. She didn’t want to, but in our family, you have to listen. So she was cooking dinner in the kitchen, bored out of her tree whilst I watched TV.

I would keep shouting, “Are you nearly done yet?” or “I’m starving!” to annoy her. She headed upstairs and called me up. I refused to go up. She threatened not to feed me if I didn’t follow her up. So I followed her upstairs. About halfway up, I accidentally glanced at her ass. Unfortunately for me, she noticed.

“Oh, you like my ass, do you? Give it a good sniff!” she remarked before pushing me face-first into her butt and farting.

After, we walked up the stairs, and she guided me into her bedroom.

“Stay there!” she commanded before going back downstairs to taste the food.

Has anyone ever farted on your face?
Has anyone ever farted on your face?

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“I’ve tasted it, and it’s real good!” she said. “It’s a really hot bean and cabbage curry, and you’re gonna love it!”

Then she undressed and lowered herself onto my face.

“What are you doing?” I managed to silence out from underneath her fat arse.

“Feeding you,” she said before unloading the unholiest of farts onto my face. My entire head vibrated. I thought an earthquake had gone off. She forced me to suck the mucus out of her behind before slapping her arse cheeks, getting up and leaving like nothing ever happened.

Has anyone ever farted on your face?

Have you ever farted in someone’s mouth?

Yes, back in 5th grade. I invited a friend over for a sleepover, and while he was playing a game, I asked him to pause it, lay down and close his eyes. Told him I wanted to do a “magic trick”. I stripped down my clothes and then lowered my huge dump truck to his face. I move my butt so that his nose is in my tight boy pu$$y. 

I felt him squirm around under my butt then he told me to get off. Obviously, I didn’t do that and instead let out one of the most nuclear farts of all time on his face. This went on for a few minutes then I felt some poop coming out. 

Not to mention, I had some steak and beans beforehand, so this was going to get messy. I unloaded all of my shit onto his face, then wiggled and pushed my a$$ down onto his face so all the shit was smeared all over it. I then got up to give him some air, then he threw up and ran out of the house crying as I laughed. 🙂

What does being face-farted feel like?

Like someone blowing in your face, followed by a cloud of stench that hangs around like cigarette smoke, the only time it happened to me was when we were at the beach; she had swimmers on, so there was not much between my face and her butt, and she was squatting over me. 

It instantly stung my nostrils, and I had opened my mouth to tell her to get off me, so as she pressed down, it went in my mouth too and echoed, and I could taste it.

The smell was so bad I ran into the water after to wash it off because it wouldn’t leave. She told me she did it because she caught me looking at her butt and wanted to teach me a lesson in manners.

As bad as it smelled, I still think her butt looks great. Also, we saw each other afterwards for a while, and I spent plenty of time looking at that butt without punishment!

Has anyone ever farted on your face?

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Oh boy, yes. Plenty of times, but this was the worst.

The year was 1996, and my oldest sister and, her friend and I snuck into the movie “Scream” when I was only 6. She was about 12.

When we got dropped off at home by my sister’s friend’s mother, my mother had made us Chili, but I had no interest in eating.

Later that night, I couldn’t sleep due to the movie. When I finally did, I had a nightmare.

(I was such a baby, lol)

So I had enough and woke up my mother and asked if I could sleep with her because I was so scared. My mother, who was only 30 at the time, had to wake up early for work

(She was a trainer in Hollywood and worked with some big names)

I could tell she wanted me to suck it up and be a big boy, but… My father was on a business trip to NYC, so she subsequently let me.

I was happy. I wasn’t going to get killed by the masked murderer. I then finally fell asleep.

Then, in the middle of the night, I woke up to a massive sound. I opened my eyes and couldn’t see anything. Then I smelled a horrible rotten smell; I turned my head, and right next to me was my mother’s pyjama-clad butt about 3 inches away from my Face. I was about to move, but I was wedged in the corner against the wall, and I knew if I got up to move, she’d wake up and tell me to leave the room.

Has anyone ever farted on your face?

Then my six-year-old self had to come to a decision; Get killed by a masked murderer or have my mother’s butt in my face for the rest of the night. I chose just to get farted on as she and my sister had farted on me before as a joke.

She remained in the position for about two more hours as I was awake the whole time. I counted that she wasted time six more times right in my Face, and I was beyond disgusted. Then, she finally changed positions, and I was able to sleep.

The next day I told her about her farting on me.

To which she replied

“Good, you probably deserved it” while laughing.

Ahh, Mom, I Still love you.

Has anyone ever farted on your face?

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