Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl? | Male or Female

Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl? | Male or Female

Ash’s Pikachu is a boy, as shown in the episode Princess vs. Princess, when he is recruited by Misty to help Brock and Ash carry packages during the Princess Festival. As I recall, a female Pikachu has a heart-shaped tail, whereas a male Pikachu has a lightning bolt one.

It’s a male, the tail’s flat, not heart-shaped like female Pikachus

For some reason, I think Ash’s Pikachu’s tail isn’t trustworthy, but it is confirmed in another way that it is a boy (I just read that somewhere; I might be wrong, though).

How strong is Ash’s Pikachu?

Ash’s Pikachu is arguably one of the strongest Pokemon that Ash has ever had. This little lightning star has always proved each of those wrongs who thought of it as weak based on its size, pre-evolution stage, type disadvantage, and whatnot. So, let’s try to assess how strong Ash’s Pikachu is:

1. There was a time when Alain sent out two of his Pseudo legendaries: “Metagross” & “Tyranitar”, in the same battle against Ash’s Pikachu and Pikachu not only defeated them both but later went on to give a nice shock to Alain’s Charizard before getting KO-ed in the end.

2. This champ has also defeated one of Frontier-Brains: Brandon’s Ace “Regice,” which we all know is a strong mythical Pokemon.

3. It even levelled with another mythical Pokemon of the Hoenn region named “Latios” of Tobias, another floor sweeper like Darkrai.

4. We all know how powerful mega-evolved Pokemon are, and Pikachu had defeated Korrina’s “ Mega Lucario” & Misty’s “Mega Gyarados” while in its normal-base form.

4. Pikachu has even defeated the guardian deity of Melemele Island: “Tapu- Koko”. Although both Pokemon were already in battle before the final fight, the Pikachu came up on top.

From all this information, you can get a decent idea of how strong Ash’s Pikachu is.

Why is Ash’s Pikachu so powerful while the other Pikachu’s are no match for his?

There are three possibilities here. The first is the lightning strike from the first episode.

In the first episode, Ash’s Pikachu doesn’t seem more powerful than a typical Pikachu. That is until the end of the episode, where he’s struck by a bolt of lightning and uses its power to defeat an entire swarm of Spearow, weak to electric attacks but should all be around the same level as him.

The second is that Ash accidentally enhanced his Pikachu a few episodes later.

In the first season, Ash and Pikachu challenged Brock, then a gym leader, for the Boulder Badge. The problem is that Pikachu needs to be stronger than Ground-type Pokemon. And while a smart person would have caught some water types for the battle, Ash decides to boost Pikachu’s power by hooking him up to an electric generator.

This actually works. And it’s possible that either this power boost or the one from the first episode was permanent.

The third possibility is that Pikachu is a max-level Pokemon. He’s the first Pokemon Ash ever got. He’s the only Pokemon that Ash takes with him between regions. By this point, he’s probably level 100.

And you can see Pikachu’s power increasing when he fights Lt. Surge’s Raichu. This fight is the first time Pikachu uses Quick Attack, with the characters noting that the Raichu evolved too early and thus never learned the move.

That would put Pikachu’s level somewhere in the 10s during the early part of season 1 (depending on the game version). And we’re at season 22 now.

Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl?

Is Ash a horrible person for only showing love for Pikachu?

He keeps all of his other Pokemon in a Pokeball all the time and has no problem abandoning them on every new adventure to never see them again.

Well, it’s not the case.

It has been established since the first episode of the Pokemon anime that Pikachu absolutely hated being inside his Pokeball. All of his other Pokemon are, at the very least, neutral about it. Additionally, we have other Pokemon like Misty’s Togepi, who wasn’t shown to have a Pokeball, and Dawn’s Piplup, who initially stayed in his but was seen more frequently out of it.

Despite the facts, Ash shows equal love and care for his Pokemon, and he doesn’t abandon them because he doesn’t care. He lets them go for them to fulfill their needs and desires like Butterfree to be with his mate or Pidgeot or Goodra to protect their friends. 

He almost released Pikachu when they found a valley filled with them, believing that Pikachu would be happy with his own kind. However, Pikachu returned to stay with Ash, fortifying their bond.

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Now I agree that Ash is an idiot for releasing his best Pokemon. However, when taken from a different standpoint, it’s understandable and rather noble for him to do so. 

Ash has always left his Pokemon at Oak’s ranch as a clean slate when going to another region. It’s a way of him making new friends while cherishing the ones he has as well. The same can be said for his companions, who had their own dreams to follow and separated from him.

In Pokemon, what if Ash was a girl, not a boy?

I doubt much change; it’d basically be like what Leaf is to Red. I doubt that Misty and Brock would change at all, but May would be Brendan, Dawn would be Lucas, Iris would be… probably still Iris and Serena would be calm (unless Pokemon decided that, that was a good time to show a same-sex crush which I would be totally for.)

Despite being small, is Pikachu the top 10 most powerful Pokémon?

Gamewise – No…not even close. Pikachu’s stats are way too low, and even with the best EVs/IVs and moveset, Pikachu still wouldn’t pose a threat to the big dogs of the meta. I doubt a “Perfect” Pikachu would stand much chance with the Pokemon in the NU category.

Mangawise – Depends.

Anime wise – I’d still say no. Ash’s Pikachu is an anomaly compared to the standard Pikachu, but I don’t see Ash’s Pikachu beating the likes of:

  • Lance’s Dragonite
  • Steven’s Metagross
  • Cynthia’s Garchomp
  • Alder’s Bouffalant
  • Diantha’s Gardevoir
  • Leon’s Charizard
  • Most, if not all ‘Upper Tier’ Legendaries (Creation Quartet, Zygarde, Weather Trio, Pokemon on similar power or close to it as them).

Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl?

Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl? | Male or Female
Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl? | Male or Female

Why might Ash’s Pikachu be the strongest Pokemon in the entire franchise?

It’s not like Pikachu is the strongest in the entire franchise. There are other Pokemon besides Pikachu who are more Stronger than Pikachu.

We all know that Pikachu was weak at the beginning with Ash. Ash and Pikachu travelled through many regions. They battled and trained together. Only Pikachu was with Ash throughout his journey in other regions, and only Pikachu is the Pokemon of Ash who has participated in every region’s League.

Hence, because of their Intense Training and battle experience, Pikachu and Ash grew stronger and Stronger. Hence, Pikachu is Ash’s best Pokemon.

Why does Ash’s Pikachu never evolve?

This question is similar to “why do Pokemon characters, not age?” Well, Pikachu is a long-time favourite Pokemon of all the fans, and the friendship between Ash and Pikachu is spectacular.

From episode 3, Ash has been carrying Pikachu on his shoulders all over his journey to different regions, and that scene is very cute, just like Pikachu’s cuteness. If the directors make Pikachu evolve, they will lose most of their fans. So their explanation regarding Pikachu’s not evolving throughout the anime is something like this:-

Remember the episode Electric Shock Showdown. Pikachu refused to evolve there and swore to defeat Raichu as Pikachu only. He wanted to show that non-evolved Pokemon aren’t weak against their evolved forms.

Pikachu also successfully defeated Raichu.

Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl?

So, from that time, Ash also had sworn that he would make his Pikachu the strongest, even not resorting to evolution. And so, even today, we see our cute Pikachu totally the same as we saw it at the beginning; yeah, its looks and body structures have surely improved.

Moreover, if it evolves, it will become almost double the size, and then Ash will surely be unable to carry it on his shoulder, so it would have to return to the Pokeball. That is why it has yet to evolve.

The fans feared Pikachu might evolve even in the latest Pokemon Journeys series, but Goh’s Pikachu evolved into Raichu, not Ash’s. So everything is just the same as old times. Pikachu will always be Pikachu, depicting its eternal cuteness and will be the favourite Pokemon of most fans.

Has Pikachu ever been inside a Poké Ball after joining Ash?

Yes, in the movie Mewtwo Strikes Back, Pikachu gets captured by a Mewtwo Ball, also known as a Clone Ball. These specialized Poké Balls fly around and catch any nearby Pokémon, even if the Pokémon is already in its trainer’s Poké Ball (way too freakin’ OP).

After Mewtwo escapes from the labs of Team Rocket, he doesn’t believe that humans and Pokémon can be friends. Mewtwo gathers a bunch of trainers to New Island, where he plans to capture and clone everyone’s Pokémon. Swarms of Poké Balls are unleashed, and everyone tries to escape.

Pikachu runs up a spiralling ramp, dodging and thundershocking each swarm that gets in the way, but the swarms don’t stop, and Pikachu eventually gets tired and accidentally slips off the ramp. One of the Poké Balls catches Pikachu mid-fall.

But Ash manages to chase down the Poké Ball like a true Pokémon Master and gets Pikachu back.

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Why does Team Rocket want Ash’s Pikachu?

It’s just an amusing plot point, and I’m not sure Team Rocket even needs a reason. Their track record of fourth wall breaking proves that they already know they’re in a cartoon (one of their theme songs, “Team Rocket Forever,” even mentions it in the lyrics, for crying out loud!) so they can get away with anything as long as it’s entertaining, but here are some ideas.

In the movie Pokemon: I Choose You, Team Rocket follows Ash, not because he has a powerful Pokemon, but because he has a tendency to run into legendary Pokemon and other rare finds, which, in my opinion, makes a lot more sense than following him around because he has a powerful Pikachu.

After Pokemon: Emergency, they said they were impressed with its power, and they are portrayed in the anime as not the smartest lot anyway. 

Team Rocket’s fascination with Ash’s Pikachu, though, as well as their tendency to be much more skilled than they let on when they battle with Ash and co

Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl?

(For example, they helped take out not one but two rival criminal organizations during one season, and they also helped rescue their boss from a powerful legend, and you’re telling me they can do that and not steal a Pikachu from some kid?) 

This has spawned fan theories that perhaps they aren’t the bad guys they pretend to be and may have a different motive for constantly “trying to catch Pikachu.” 

I like that theory and wish they would go ahead and make it canon in the anime. The trio are potentially awesome characters with much development potential, especially as anti-heroes, as long as they stay true to their comedy-loving, fourth-wall-breaking, never-taking-anything-too-seriously roots.

Team Rocket are great characters because they’re stylish, sophisticated, surprisingly emotional and caring, and, like most good cartoon villains, they could fit almost anywhere and make sense; no plot points are too wild, from rampaging legendaries, day-to-day activities in the Pokemon world, quests for world domination, to time travel.

Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl? | Male or Female
Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl? | Male or Female

Why does Ash Ketchum never win the Pokémon League?

This is because the directors want to continue the anime for a while. Though Ash didn’t deserve to win every league, he obviously had the greatest chance of winning at least a few, but he has won only one. 

No fan wants to see the anime ending so soon, so Ash is fine not winning major leagues. I am detailing below the most important reasons for Ash not winning the leagues, one by one. I shall try my best.

A) Indigo League – This was the very first league Ash has ever fought, and he, in Kanto, was truly a novice, just learning to interact with Pokemons and to fight battles with strategies. His friends, Brock and Misty, helped a lot in that case. 

But still, we can’t expect to see a beginner win his very first league, can we? But still, his position in the top 16 was humiliating because it was only because of his Charizard not obeying his commands. Otherwise, he could have had a chance of securing at least a greater position than he got. So this is the reason he lost.

Ah, I mean, it’s too bad to remember either.

Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl?

B) Johto league – Ash had progressed much better than in Kanto; his participation in the Orange league also brought him more experience. 

He really was more energetic and ambitious about winning the Johto League, and he had in his mind the thought of defeating Gary, his long-time rival. He even managed to defeat him, but he lost to Harrison and secured a position in the top 8.

This defeat was not as humiliating as the previous one because Ash could show everything he and his Pokemon had got, unlike Indigo League. Clearly, he had improved quite well. He learnt many things from this league and swore to improve himself.

C) Hoenn league – The third league in Ash’s life, Ash had become quite an expert trainer with great knowledge and bonding with his Pokemon and was steaming with confidence and quest to win the Hoenn league. 

He, this time, had even made his Pokemons learn new attacks. He had quite a change. He had gone a long way in this league and was finally beaten by Tyson’s Meowth, who was quite strong. He had gone to the top 8 position.

This time, he also learnt more things than he previously needed to gain. He is constantly paving his path to becoming a champion.

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D) Sinnoh league – True to say, this was the first league where we got the evidence that the directors really don’t want the story to be cut short or end soon. Ash had a great chance of winning this league.

In Sinnoh, Ash was fired up more than ever and got a new rival, Paul, whom he wanted to defeat at any cost, just like Gary. He also defeated him and went to the semifinals, but the weirdest thing happened then. 

Tobias, a trainer owning legendary Pokemons, was then Ash’s rival. He took over all of his team with just 2 Pokemon, Darkrai and Latios.

Until then, we knew legendary Pokemon were not allowed in a league, but this was the first exception. The total heck, I mean, as he lost to this MF.

E) Unova league – The weirdest Ash we ever saw was the Unova Ash. He was shown to have forgotten everything he had learned till the previous DP series. That’s why some fans believe this series was not a part of the original timeline. But no, the popular theory that explains this type of Ash’s behaviour is as follows: 

Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl?

We all know that till Sinnoh, Ash had never taken a bit of rest before leaving for another journey. he has been doing this since Jotho, and really, it is agreeable that he got exhausted after returning from Sinnoh. Hence, he decided to rest for some months before leaving for another journey. 

He hadn’t even trained at this time. So, in the next season, he had half forgotten all his skills. Moreover, the Unova journey was supposed to be a vacation rather than a league journey. 

But Ash, seeing the variety of Pokemon there, couldn’t stop himself from staying and exploring that region. But really, this time, he was a dumb boy in all gym battles and the league. Ash’s defeat in the Unova league was embarrassing because he lost to a trainer, Cameron, who had only 5 Pokemon.

At the end of this series, he again recollected all his dreams and finally headed for Kalos with the old enthusiasm he had.

F) Kalos league – We had got our old Ash back here, and just like Sinnoh, he was totally fired up for winning the league this time. He had got Greninja here, one of the strongest Pokemon he ever owned. 

But as you know, the creators hate to show the protagonist achieving his goal so soon. He lost to Alain’s mega Charizard, he couldn’t win against that fire type even with his strongest water Pokemon, Greninja.

Instead of being frustrated this time, he learned that winning a league is not everything. He quite happily accepted his loss, swearing to be more powerful in future.

G) Alola league – This was the first league Ash ever won, which was strange for almost everyone. Most of the fans thought Ash had become a Pokemon master now.

But no, as already stated, the story will continue for a while. This time, Ash understood another thing: that the definition of Pokemon master is not just “Victor of a Pokemon league”. It is much more than that. So, he started his new journey by visiting and exploring the world, as in the latest series of Pokemon Journeys.

He is far from being a Pokemon master; he believes it himself. So we also can’t disagree with that.

Well, as long as the story of Pokemon continues, the fans will be really excited to watch our beloved Ash in every adventure. He may have the chance of winning more leagues in the future.

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Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl?

Edit: He did it; he finally did it. Recently, in Pokemon Journeys: The series, he defeated the undefeated Champion of Galar and the World, Leon, and claimed the title of the World Coronation series Champion.

However, the sad news is that Ash wouldn’t be the protagonist. He will leave the spotlight after 25 years, but he finally achieved his dream of becoming a Pokemon master, so it’s a thing to be really proud of. 

Ash’s memories with his Pokemon and friends will be cherished forever in fans’ hearts, so he’ll never be apart from us despite his upcoming departure.

And who knows, maybe in the next series, we’ll see him revered as a champion, just like all regional champions are. That would be a brilliant development in the series, and I look forward to it.

Is Ash’s Pikachu a boy or a girl?

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