How old would Adolf Hitler be if he was still alive in 2024?

How old would Adolf Hitler be if he was still alive in 2024?

2024–1889 = 135. He’d be 135 years old.

And he’d be really, really, really, really sick.

He was already really, really, really, really sick in 1945 when he (most likely) blew his brains out in the bunker in Berlin. At that time, he had just celebrated his 56th birthday and married Eva Braun.

In 1945, 56 was considered past middle age if not “old”. Add to that the fact that he was exhibiting signs of Parkinsonism, possibly syphilis, irritable bowel syndrome, massive opioid addiction and was being worked on by a personal doctor who, if not a quack by the standards of his time, was probably not exactly one of the Mayo brothers.

So, this sick, shaky, addicted, paranoid, way over the hill agewise Austrian guy was going to low crawl through the sewers of Berlin and sprint across the range card of a zillion Russian snipers to safety on an Argentine freighter. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I wouldn’t put money on it either.

How old would Adolf Hitler be if he was still alive in 2024?

Adolf would have turned 135 on 15 April 2023 if he had taken better care of himself.

Seriously, since there is no verified instance of anyone ever living past the age of 122, there is no way Hitler would or could still be alive today, regardless of any changed circumstances in his life.

World War II: Is there anyone still alive today who met Adolf Hitler?

My wife saw Hitler ride by in an open car in Vienna and was close enough to touch him, but he was unaware of her as other than one of many faces in the crowd. She also attended a speech by him in the Heldenplatz, Vienna, but that was at a greater distance.

She was curious about him because her father was Jewish, and later died in a concentration camp, which one unknown. A bureaucratic glitch saved her: her father’s name was left blank on her birth certificate. She was bullied in school over him, however.

World War II: Is there anyone still alive today who met Adolf Hitler?

Michael I (born 1921), King of Romania.

I should say the former King of Romania, as he had to surrender in 1947 when the monarchy was abolished. Apparently, he had lunch with Hitler twice and once with Italian fascist dictator Mussolini.

Regarding this matter, he’s often called “the last man alive who shook Hitler’s hand”:

Was he a friend, a fascist? What happened to this man? A somewhat fascist faction led by military dictator Ion Antonescu.

 Took control of the country, and they aligned themselves with Nazi Germany. After the Nazi occupation in Eastern Romania had collapsed in 1944, Michael joined a successful coup against his fascist fellow citizens. 

How old would Adolf Hitler be if he was still alive in 2024?

Antonescu was imprisoned and, post-war, executed alongside other fascist figureheads. Joseph Stalin and President Harry Truman decorated the King, but even this couldn’t prevent his abdication and banishment…

Romania became, after the war, under communist control who weren’t really fond of monarchs and a decade later, once again by a dictator, now a communist one, named Nicolae Ceausescu. 

He didn’t need a “second dictator” in the form of a king. Even after the revolution in 1990, governments were afraid of the extremely popular King who attracted large amounts of people during his visits and denied him access to his country on several occasions. Only by 1997 his banishment was relieved, and Michael still partially lives in Romania to this day.

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What is the chance that Hitler is still alive, and what would it look like?

What is the chance of Hitler still being alive?

Chances are 0.000000000000×99999 that he’s still alive.

Hitler was born in 1889. He would be 135 years old today. Never in a million years would he reach that age due to his poor health in 1945.

First and foremost, Hitler died in 1945. There is no denying that unless you’re a conspiracy nut and you fetishize about the moon landing being fake.

This was the last photo taken of Hitler. Look at him. His posture is poor. He is a dying man.

This photo was taken from a video captured in 1945 of Hitler awarding the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth). Look at him. He gained weight. He looks fragile. He’s hunched. Again, he’s a dying man.

How old would Adolf Hitler be if he was still alive in 2024?

What was wrong with Hitler:

Parkinson’s Disease: We don’t know for sure. However, all of the videos and photos of him in the late stages of the war show that he had the very same symptoms a person with this disease would have. A trembling hand, dull stares, poor posture, and very slow movement.

Syphilis: This is just a speculation to add to his death. It is believed that he probably had syphilis, but there are no health reports that say anything about it.

Temporal Arteritis: No health report exists that says he had it. However, he had visible symptoms that included frequent headachesvision loss, frequent colds, and frequent fevers. His health reports did say he suffered these symptoms, and he would use drugs like cocaine to treat them.

Hepatitis B: Again, no health report says he had it. Researchers only concluded it because of symptoms.

Colitis: Again, there is no health report about it. However, he did have stomach and liver ailments, which would make sense for the presence of his terrible stomach cramps and, in this case, colitis.

Hypertension: Health reports don’t necessarily say it, but I’m 99% sure he had it due to symptoms and all the drugs he was taking.

Intestinal Ailments: Yup, his health reports mentioned it.

As you can see, Hitler was all kinds of f*cked up. His body was in very terrible shape. His mental health was in terrible shape, too. It is believed he had bipolar disorder and would go on to put drugs into his system.

It is widely believed that if Hitler survived 1945, he would die in the 1950s or 1960s because of how terrible his physical and mental beings were.

How old would Adolf Hitler be if he was still alive in 2024?

He died in 1945:

He swallowed a cyanide pill, immediately followed by a shot to the head. His corpse was cremated in a shell hole. How do we know this?

A piece of Hitler’s jawbone within the ashes was found. Tests were done, and the dental tests were done. It was proved that they belonged to Hitler.

In his bunker, the Soviets found his sofa, which was covered with his blood. Blood work was done, and what know? It was Hitler’s blood.

With all these things I mentioned, do you honestly think Hitler would still be alive? Let’s ignore the jawbone and blood for a second.

Hitler’s physical and mental well-being was extremely poor in 1945. Can you even begin to imagine he managed to survive all this time to age 135?

Never in a million years.

If you saw Hitler alive in your room, what would you do?

First, I would wonder how he could still be alive, being more than 130 years old.

Then I wonder how he could have avoided detection if he had kept his characteristic hair and mustache since 1945.

Then I would conclude that this is either a delusion, a hallucination, or an actor in costume.

How old would Adolf Hitler be if he was still alive in 2024?

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Could Hitler still be alive today?


In 2022, he’d be 133 years old. He’s not the oldest person to have ever lived, but he’s pretty close.

The problem is we have 100% evidence that Hitler died in the bunker. While the Soviets had unrecognizable remains, we found his jawbone and blood that still exist today. Those things were clear evidence that Hitler died… unless he managed to live all this time without a jaw…

Even if you think Hitler escaped and that the earth is flat, there’s one problem… Hitler’s mental and physical health drastically deteriorated in 1943.

It is believed that he had Parkinson’s Disease, syphilis, stomach ailments, Huntington’s Disease, eczema, etc. On top of that, he abused many drugs, including meth and cocaine. He was at a point where he needed meth to get out of bed.

How old would Adolf Hitler be if he was still alive in 2024?

Historians concluded that if Hitler ever escaped, he definitely would’ve died in the 1950s due to all of his health problems.

So, no, there is no way Hitler is alive today.

EDIT: A lot of Ph.D. historians in the comments kept saying how the skull and jawbone that were found weren’t his. Actually…

The jawbone 100% belonged to Hitler. Besides the accurate dental tests that were done, his 1944 and 1945 x-rays proved it was his.

The skull belonged to a woman, which DNA tests proved. It did not belong to Eva Braun.

Remember, Hitler died in that bunker, and the moon landing was real. Thanks for reading!

Hypothetically, if Adolf Hitler was found alive in the present day, what would be his punishment?

If Hitler were found alive today, he would be the oldest person alive on record. He will be around 127 years old. He would need to be taken with extreme care to make sure that he doesn’t die on his way to trial.

Something like this but much older.

After he is taken to trial, he will be found guilty almost immediately. In all probability, he will get life in prison because almost all European countries have banned the death penalty. He will probably spend a couple of weeks or months in jail before he dies.

If Hitler had been found and arrested while he was still alive, what would his punishments have been?

It would all depend on which country tried him. You would have five countries that would be in the running for his trial. You could argue a 6th one, but that would only happen if a revolt occurred in the middle of WW2, and that would be Germany. Germany, before the militarization of the Allied countries in 1945, would more than likely shoot or hanged him.

If America got him, then he would face trial at the Nuremberg trials and more likely been killed. It would be extremely, extremely unlikely he could take an insanity plea.

In the case of France, they would have had him killed by firing squad.

England would either give out a life in prison or a hanging.

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Russia would have made a mockery of the court and later tortured him to death.

Finally, Israel would have tried him like another case, but the result would have been death. This could only be taken into effect once Israel had been established at the time of the capture. His fate would be similar to Adolf Eichmann’s capture by the Israel Mossad agents.

In all reality, if his capture were prior to the Cold War or immediately after WW2, whichever country found him would then send him off to Russia. After Stalin’s death, however, more than likely, the other countries could be the answer.

How old would Adolf Hitler be if he was still alive in 2024?

What would have happened if there was no Hitler?

In the absence of HITLER, the world would have looked like this:

1. Powerful Jewish community in Europe with a major share in politics, financial institutions, and socioeconomic domain.

2. The U.S. is powerful but not as much as Europe – Most of the European countries could have saved heavy military operations expenditures.

3. Extended colonial rule – European colonial giants could have extended their regimes in several African and Asian countries.

4. The world would have seen a sluggish nuclear race between several countries engaged in war.

5. Direct impact on the cold war – A much more dangerous Cold War between the USSR and the US could have been abridged up to a firm limit.

The above points are imaginary and depend upon the absence of Mussolini and Stalin to some extent.

And finally, a slight change COULD HAVE BEEN possible in the below-pasted map.

What would the world look like today if Hitler had never been born?

Arguably much worse. Hitler was no saint; don’t get me wrong, he was a tyrant and a madman. But without Hitler, we could easily see hundreds of millions more dead in wars throughout the 20th century.

Why would I not turn into a time machine and kill Hitler?
For starters, inevitability. Even after the teeth kicking in WWII, Germany had rebounded as one of the largest economies and powerhouse of Europe. Germany has a culture and resources of industry. Simply killing Hitler won’t remove their capacity for war.

Certainly, the Weimar Republic was going to fail. It needed to be stronger and better led. Likely, some nationalist or fascist element was going to take over and rearm Germany. Once you see WWII as a continuation of WWI, it is a clear certainty. There was no real defeat of Germany.

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Hitler’s Timing. Germany was successfully rearming and, more importantly, modernizing their military. Hitler’s invasion cut off this modernization too soon. The Heer (German Army) didn’t have enough trucks or equipment to move their forces.

The Luftwaffe had no real long-range aircraft and needed help to produce their own Hugh-quality AV gas. The later it takes to get in the war puts the German army in the lead.

How old would Adolf Hitler be if he was still alive in 2024?

Hitler was in complete control, and he was a strategic moron. “No step backward!” Building jet-powered fighter bombers instead of fighters, changing targets from the oil production of the Caucuses to Stalingrad. Etc. Etc. Etc. Hitler was so bad at military strategy the Allies took him off limits for assassination; he was the Allied MVP by 1944. (and they did assassinate Yamamoto).

Hitler and the Jews. Why does this matter? Because Hitler was a dick to the Jews (by 1939, no one really knew about the genocide plans). But it was Hitler’s Nazis that brought Albert Einstein to seek asylum in the US in 1933.

Some six years later, Einstein, the most famous scientist in the world, wrote an impassioned letter to President Roosevelt to embark on building the atomic bomb. It was really that letter that set off the Manhattan Project.

Without Hitler, you have a prepared Germany knocking both France and the UK out of the war. You have Germany with much more lethal and mobile armies led by more competent men. You have potentially a less Hitler-level evil figure to unite the world against.

Although the sheer industrial might of the US and USSR would win the war, the length and losses are staggering. To top all of that off, without Mutually Assured Destruction from the atomic bomb, we have a WWIII or WWIV.

If Hitler was somehow captured alive, what would’ve happened to him?

Depends on who captured him. He would have probably hoped the Americans would because Americans would have probably just captured him and detained him, and given him a trial similar to other Nazi officials at Nuremberg.

Now, if the Russians got him, oh boy, now, if the Russians didn’t kill him on sight, he would have been captured. In captivity, he was probably beaten extensively.

He would have been brought back to Moscow and paraded around by Stalin, who, as a true message to all, might even execute Hitler himself as a sign of power (this all being after severe torture from Stalin leading up to this). That’s what could be speculated.

How old would Adolf Hitler be if he was still alive in 2024?


He would be 135 years old, going on 136. Old. Really really old. Old enough to be in the Guinness Book of World Records, probably.

He was born in 1889.

Were you aware that you can look that stuff up online?

How old would Adolf Hitler be if he was still alive in 2024?

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