Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

STEP MOMMY. He was always beating my ass, so she came home plastered one night because it was her birthday. I was surprised she was even coherent. I chased the men away who brought her home. My stepmother was helped out of her clothes by me.

She kept asking for her pajamas, but there was no having that with me. As she lay face-down on the bed, I kept her awake by talking. I rubbed her naked bottom for her as I sat on her calf muscles and feet. I asked if she was okay. She kept telling me what a good girl I am and that she loves me.

That was a crock! She was always using a paddle on me or a leather strap. I leaned down and kissed her bottom for her ever so gently. I kissed her naked ass all over. There was a lust in me that wanted to beat her ass with something until she got blistered red.

The next day, I helped her to the toilet like a little brat, and I even wiped her bottom for her as I made her stand up, turn around, and bend over. I made sure she felt fresh and clean as I took a soft washcloth, ran it under the faucet, soaped it up, bathed the soft brown crack of her ass, and used a fluffy towel to pat her dry between her cheeks.

We returned to her bedroom, and I gave her a couple of tablets to help with her hangover. Step-mommy was pretty flat-chested, but I felt her breasts with the palms of my hands and pinched her nipples a few times. I scolded her like a little girl and told her she would beat my ass raw if it had been me coming home drunk. Stepmommy agreed.

I had her face up now and kissed her full on the lips the way she and I should have always gotten along. After being out cold for six and a half hours and me gently freshening up her bottom, I called her friend Rhea on the phone and convinced her to tell me where step-mommy kept the strap! I told step-mommy that there would be no more having men spend the night and having sex while she was still legally married to my father.

The strapping commenced. I was not gentle. I gave her 25 good hard strappings, telling her that she emotionally ruined my life. I strapped her 25 more times. She could take a whooping! She was lame in apologetics, so I strapped her even harder another 25 times!

I turned her ass black and blue and scarlet red! Step mommies bitched me out a couple of times while strapping her. She seemed like a new person for about a week after I strapped her, but then she returned to her old ways of dominating me and telling me what to do…

Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

Yes, I spanked my mom when I was 14; at that, I used to saw many porn, especially milf porn, so my mind was very dirty, and one day I saw my big beautiful butt naked while she was changing her dress.

I don’t know how to react because it’s my mom, but it was so attractive that I decided to spank it. I will hug my mom tightly. My hands will be on that time, but I will try to lift her by touching that huge butt.

I couldn’t lift her at that time, and the worst thing was sometimes I rubbed her butt with my d**k whenever I got an opportunity where I would get small pleasure……These are very dirty things, but my mom’s butt is worth it!

Have you heard your mom being spanked?

As a mom whose husband disciplined her, I can say that our daughters have heard me get a strapping more than once. My husband usually takes care of it after they leave for school, but there have been times when he has sent me to our bedroom to “get ready for a spanking.” 

One time, while waiting naked and bent over the wedge with my hands clasped behind me holding a strap – my eldest daughter (13) walked in and saw me; I told her to leave. She must have heard my belt whipping about an hour later. 

When I tucked her in, she asked me about it, and I told her that sometimes mommy’s get a spanking, too, when they misbehave or don’t do as they are told. She seemed to accept that answer, and we cuddled. I remember my bottom was so sore from the strapping I got earlier.

What happens if you get spanked? – Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

It depends if it’s a discipline paddling or a sexy love spanking. If it’s for discipline, I have to remove all of my clothes, and I am bent over the side of the bed and given a paddling, which increases in intensity and force with each swat/spank. 

Periodically, my paddling stops and my butt is rubbed and looked at before the next spanking set starts. Then I stood up, put over their knee, and paddled again in the same manner, each spank being harder and more intense. The result is that each of my cheeks is red, and my butt feels throbbing.

If it’s a sexy love-making spanking, we usually are in the thralls of kissing and making out, so we’re both naked; as we play with each other, they will occasionally reach around, squeezing and playing with my butt, and then spank me periodically. 

Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

If we are in 69 and I’m on top, while they’re eating me and they alternate, tonguing and sucking my clit and pussy, while occasionally spanking one or both of my butt cheeks simultaneously. It is not unusual for me to be spanked during love making, especially in doggy or when riding a cowboy.

The spanking makes me hotter and helps me to orgasm much more quickly. My butt cheeks are usually pink, but depending on how long we make love, they have been a little red, but it feels oh so so good!

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How did you feel about seeing your mother spanked?

I loved it! My mom spanked me every time I did something wrong! So, it is only fair if she gets spanked for her mistakes! In our family in India, we had the rule that everyone committing mistakes should face punishment. 

Correction was, however, not the aim behind the punishments. They reasoned that if the punishment is given, the ill feeling or grudge against family members does not develop.

So anytime my mom would make a mistake, she would be brought in front of everyone, and her big fair butt would be made naked and spanked by her sisters-in-law! 

If the mistake were graver, my mom would be told to stay naked for 12 hours !!! The same happened to my aunts! We, the family’s children, saw our mom cooking in the kitchen, her big butt bare, bearing red marks of the cane !!!

Who has seen their mother being spanked?

I have not only seen her spanked by a woman but have spanked her many times myself. Either lifted her skirt dress or nightdress, pulled her panties down, and spanked her. We both enjoy being spanked and normally have a very sensual, sexy night after

Has anyone ever spanked their mom as punishment?

Haha, that’s funny. It reminds me of the time I was around eight years old, and I was in my mom” ‘s room While she was getting dressed. The hairbrush that she usually used for my spankings was sitting on her dresser. So I said, “mommy, one of these days I’m going to give you a good spanking with that hairbrush.”

My mother laughed, obviously thinking it was cute of me, but responded, “I don’t think so. I’m the one who gives the spankings around this house, not you.” So I said, “but mommy, I don’t think you realize how much that hairbrush hurts when you spank me with it.” She told me that she did know the hairbrush hurt because grandma used to spank her with a hairbrush when she was a little girl.

It was hard for me to imagine my grandma spanking my mother. Grandma was always so sweet and caring. Then again, so was my mother, except when I got into trouble. That’s when she would take the hairbrush and rapidly paddle my bare hiney with it.

How should I get spanked by my mom? – Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

Your mom should pull your pants down and give you a good old-fashioned bareass spanking. And she should give it to you hard and long. Then, you might learn that your bad behavior isn’t being put up with. You should tell your mom you want her to pull your pants down and spank you.

Good luck, and I hope you get what you deserve.

Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

Has anyone witnessed their mother get spanked? My friend claims he often saw his mum spanked over the knee by his dad and once by his grandma!

Yes, I thought I was the only one that experienced this. My stepdad would spank my mom. I could hear him whipping her with the belt or switch in their room. 

Their door was left slightly open a few times, and I saw it happen. Anytime my sister got spanked, my step dad would also spank our mom.

I was returning from College. I was walking up the front path to their house. Then I glanced in the front window to see my mother draped over my father’s lap, dress hoisted, panties lowered, and her jiggling bottom cheeks a glowing red from a good old fashioned spanking, and I could hear her crying, and I was sure it was far from over!

So I waited until my mother was released before knocking. I always always knew that my father spanked my mother after saying, “I’ll be dealing with you upstairs later, young lady!” and seeing my Mom wince and sit carefully at the breakfast table the next morning!

What did your mother say before you were getting spanked?

My dad would tell me after I was 13, “Take your pants and underwear down, lay on the bed. Put a pillow under your tummy. I suggest you breathe, Jen; this will be over before you know it. Hold onto the sheets and stay still.” I remember it like yesterday.

Should a daughter get spanked when they are 21 by their mother?

Yes! If you are that age and not living with your boyfriend or husband, and still living at home, then who else will do it for you? It would help if you were well disciplined before you get into a relationship and move in with someone.

A young woman should be spanked as long as she lives at home until her wedding day.

My best friend was spanked with a hairbrush by her mom on the morning of her wedding (at home!) for leaving everything to the very last minute and making everyone late leaving the house. That was the last spanking she ever got from her mom.

Now, that’s a spanking most girls can only dream of…..

Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

Have you ever been spanked by your mother at a family gathering?

I was 13 years old, and there was a gathering of mothers and daughters from church. I don’t remember what I did, but my mom had had enough of me, and she asked her host if there was a private place where we could talk and if our host had a belt she could borrow. 

She led us to her bedroom, where she got a belt out of the closet and said this is what she used on her kids. I got spanked with the belt bare bottom in front of this lady. And then I had to cry and wash my face and get back to the group.

Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

Have you ever hit/spanked your mother? How do you feel about it if you have?

I have to start by saying that as a boy, I was often punished well deservedly, but always by my father. There was one exception. I was about eight years old and behaved badly towards my mother. I don’t know the reason anymore. Anyway, my mother suddenly approached me, let my pants down, and held me over her knees. 

I got ten slaps on my bare butt with the carpet beater. I was so surprised that I showed no reaction, neither crying nor defending myself, nor did I ask to stop. Even after that, I was calm, shocked by what had happened. But from now on, I was a very good boy again.

Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

Has anyone spanked their parents?

Yes, I have. I found lots of spanking mags in my dad’s bedroom when I used to clean there to earn money, so I confronted him. Of course, he couldn’t deny it, so I said you must want it, so unless he wanted me to tell mum and all his friends, I would spank him. He was horrified but was paid for spankings.

Growing up, I enjoyed pulling his pants down and over my bare knee. I could feel him getting hard, but I spanked him hard until he squirmed, and his bottom was bright red.

Did any moms ever take their sons into a public ladies’ room to spank?

Yes, I did lots of times, and in lots of different public places I’m a firm believer in spanking when naughty, and no matter where it is, and it was always over my knee and always on his bare bottom, it is meant to be a punishment, and if I can make it more humility for him so much the better.

Did anyone see or hear their parents spank each other when they were a child?

I never saw it happen, but I definitely heard it happen once. I was 14 or 15 years old; we were on a family vacation in Destin, Florida. We stayed at a hotel and had adjoining rooms with us kids in one of the rooms and my parents in the next.

Something woke me up about two or so in the morning, and it sounded like spanking sounds, like a bare bottom getting slapped hard and fast. It was muffled, but it seemed to be coming from my parent’s room or that direction. 

I looked around, and my brothers and sister were asleep, so I got out of bed and went to the door between the two rooms. It got a little louder, so I put my ear below where the opening at the bottom of the door was, and there was no mistaking it.

Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

My Mom was getting spanked by my Dad. When I realized that was what was happening, I thought I would be grossed out or go back to bed, but something kept me there listening. The spanking lasted a good amount of time, stopped for a few seconds, and then started again. 

My Mom’s bottom must have been raw. After it stopped, I went back to bed but couldn’t sleep. The next day, I remember watching my Mom to see how she sat down at breakfast, and I found it humorous. I never told my brothers and sisters about it. I guess my love of spanking comes honestly, though.

Have you ever been spanked by your mom while she was giving you lessons at home?

Yes, in piano lessons at 13, I missed a key playing Chopin E’Tude Op 10 No. 4. She was furious; she tried to slam my fingers with the fallboard, but my cat-like reflexes allowed me to escape unscathed. 

Then she grabbed me by the ear, pulled me into the kitchen, and demanded that I strip down to my underwear while she assembled her spanking instruments: a wooden spoon, hair brush, leather belt, rubbing alcohol, and salt water. 

She had me face her standing up while she sat in front of me on a chair, head at my crotch level. She asked me to tell her what I had done wrong. I shamefully admitted my mistake. She then grabbed my underwear and, slowly lowered them to the ground and had me step out of them; her face came within a 1/2 inch of my manhood, which started an erection. 

Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

She grabbed my ball sack; her long fingernails created fear and panic. She told me if I didn’t want to lose them, I had better lose the erection. Then she had me lay on my back on the table, hold my legs up, and spread in the diaper position. She used her bare hand to rub salt water all over my buttocks to enhance the pain. 

She started with 50 whacks with the wooden spoon, then another 50 with the hairbrush, and reached for the belt. She used the full range of motion to deliver painful strikes to the legs, butt, and a few glancing blows to the ball sack. When she was done, I had to stand naked in front of the living room window for corner time. She told me to replay the mistake in my head until my butt returned to its normal pale white color. I deserved it; I missed that key.

Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

Does anyone like getting spankings?

I never got a “real” spanking when I was a kid. My parents were loving & caring and… I had my dad wrapped around my little finger. I still do in my mid-20s 🙂

So I can’t speak for disciplinary spanking, but spankings as foreplay… Oh my!

I discovered the thrill of it when I was still a teenager.

I had to sleep on my belly several times, but it was well worth it. I was aroused by being naked on a man’s lap while others were watching. It always gets me aroused! My ass is red, my nipples are hard, and my pussy is wet. I’m a kinky brat, I guess.

Have you ever spanked your spouse publicly?

Yes, indeed, I have. I have also flogged, caned, cropped, and paddled her publicly—on at least one occasion while she was tied spreadeagle in a doorway.

Of course, the “in public” part means “in public in a setting where the people watching had consented to be part of BDSM-related activities.”

Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

Has anyone ever seen their mom getting gang-banged?

Yes, once I saw my mom getting gang banged in my fields(that). It was a season of bajra(millet) crop. I went to the fields to give water to the crops early in the morning. I heard some voice from the crop.

It was my mom and three people from the nearby village. Mom was lying naked on the field. Her blouse was wide open, and her skirt( lehnga) was all over her waist. Her panty(chaddi) was slid to one side, and one man was fucking her fiercely.

Mom: do it fast. Someone will come (jldi krlo koi aa jyega).

Men: no one will come sharda get fucked easy (koi nhi ayega sharda aarma se chud).

Mom:- tum teeno jldi karlo mujhe ghar jana h mera betaa aata hoga ( you all make it fast my son can come)

Men. Wo to thik h par ek baat bta tera bhosda itna dheela kyu lag rha h aj? ( tell me one thing why your pussy feels so loose today)?

Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

Mom:- are nhi wo bht din baad tum chod rhe ho isliye aisa lg rha h( no no, it’s just that you people are doing it after many days, that’s why)

Men : sacchi bata mene bht chodi h teri jaisi kise apna bhosda marwa rhi h? ( tell me the truth, I have fucked many women like you. Who is fucking you nowadays?)

Mom: chl me baki bate phone pr bta dungi ab jane de dekh kitni suj gyi h chut meri. ( I will tell you everything on the phone, bo leave me my pussy is swollen now.)

After they all fucked her in her pussy they all left their cum in her pussy and left. My mom got up, closed her blouse, and took her panties. She came to the well and sat down there, and cleaned her pussy. She put on her panties and came back home.


Once a few years ago. It was mom’s birthday, so I gave her a few pretty hard spanks over her nightgown. We laughed about it, and then she wondered what had started it. I told her, “mom, you spanked me on my birthday, so I returned the favor!”

THAT WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY HOTT! I would love to see a 20-year-old spoiled little princess having her mom naked and bent over the arm of the living room sofa, taking a hot leather strap over her mom’s sexy ass 40 or 50 times! How awesome would that be!!

In the 1950s, no child ever considered spanking their mother in Ireland.

Our children revered my mother so much that she rarely needed to spank us because we always wanted to please her. I was glad for that experience because my mother died at 48 when I was merely 19, and I still needed her great heart of love.

To have fun over spanking is fine, but never should we get serious about it, for our mothers are too precious for us to hurt them in any way.

Has anyone ever spanked their mom?

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